Different ways to add charm to your sex life

Sexual Intimacy is something that adds sparkle to your love life. It not only improves your bond of togetherness with your partner but also makes you feel safe and pampered in the arms of your companion. Love is a powerful force that keeps you connected with your better half. Moreover, sex is the major element of love that can bond the closeness between two souls and turn on the lights of happiness and passion in their hearts.

Given below are some of the exciting methods using which you can make love with your partner with more compassion and turn it into a heavenly memory of your lives:

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1. Share your desires more

If you want to keep things hot, never stop sharing your desires. Share as much as you can. But the only way to make it work is to do it together. When you feel the fire starting to burn out take control and start to communicate with your partner. Start sharing one new thing on a special day or occasion that you would like to try in your bedroom. You can share it via dirty talk and even it’s a sexy way to stay connected and keep your sex life intimate and exciting.

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2. Watch porn together

Watching porn together is another way to add charm to your sex life. While watching, try to find something you both like. It will really get you in the mood and will give ideas for the position that you would like to try. If you don’t like porn thing, you can play a game using erotic literature. You need to find an erotic novel or story and see how many pages you can get through before you can’t keep your hands to yourself. You can also try a sexy game which can be, one person starts the erotic story and the other one picks up where they left. You will be bursting by the end of the story to get your hands on one another.

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3. Offer a message

Offer a message to your partner with some candles and oils. You may also offer a back or shoulder rub to your partner. It will relax both of you and the intimate and gentle touch will lead to kissing and then sex. Affectionate touch is a very powerful way to recharge your passion. You can start it by dimming the lights, lighting candles, putting on lingerie, and playing some romantic music. You can whisper in your partner’s ear what else you plan to do. You can also design your bedroom or use fragrances and the important thing is to arrange perfect cushions to feel like a sexy luxury. Talk to each other in bed and experience the best sex in your lives.

4. Mindblowing kiss

Kisses are always the best and you should keep a routine of giving a kiss to each other especially goof bye kiss. Try to have a long goodbye kiss. It will surely renew that long last spark in your love life. It helps in building up small intimate moments in your day. In fact, kissing is considered the most intimate act of affection, good morning, good night, and goodbye kisses. A kiss closes the distance and leaves no space for misunderstanding. You can also give an ‘I missed you’ kiss. As some feelings can only be conveyed through physical touch.

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Different ways to add charm to your sex life
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5. Send a “sexy” message

Try to send some sexy messages about what you want to do when they get home and don’t be afraid to get specific. Avoid unnecessary texts which may lead to more trouble. The only text to express good things and see the difference. You can simply start by describing the outfit you will be wearing or can send a picture of yourself in it. It will be a great way to build up that tension throughout the day and make use of them appropriately. Try to spread only love through your messages and did not misuse them.

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6. Do exercise together

Couples that perform good exercise together are able to have a better sex life. You can try an upright position of the exercise. People who are physically active are able to enjoy sex life much better than people who do not exercise. There are some couples who feel embarrassed about their bodies and did not want to have sex. Men are not bothered much by these factors. So if you have a better shape you will feel great and happy and also want to share that with someone else. Hence you should always do exercise for at least 20 to 30 minutes a day in order to keep that spark alive in your love life.

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7. Try something new

All the time, try to do something new and different than the ordinary day. You may try to have sex in different positions and at different places like in a car or at a beach while on a vacation. Stay longer there and give a positive change to your love and sex life. As long as you try to create something new and exciting memories sex can never ever get boring. Just exchange your sexual ideas and thoughts with each other and your sexual romance will bloom. Try to avoid repeating the same romantic things again and again. So you need to talk about your sexual script to get rid of your inhibitions.

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Final Words

Thus, all these points are very helpful in turning a boring relationship into a passionate one. You just need to do some efforts for the love of your life and turn him on in order to make him realize the importance of sexual feelings and romantic intimacy. A casual kiss might give you a taste of tenderness and warmth but sex can bring two lonely souls together till the end of the world. So, try these tips on and enjoy the act of lovemaking with desire and affection.

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