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Yoga asana to rock the pregnancy

Yoga during pregnancy is very beneficial for both mother and baby both. It helps in improving the breathing process which is very necessary for the whole pregnancy period. Yoga not only makes the women physically strong but it also has advantages for their mental relief. Pregnancy is a wonderful time with a mixture of joy, excitement, mood swings, scare, happiness, and fear. The feeling can only be understood by a pregnant woman. Yoga will help in maintaining the stress level and hormonal changes in the body which occurs due to changing feelings. Yoga doesn’t mean that you are locked in a room and doing the asana. But in actuality yoga, especially during pregnancy, should be done in the open natural air and surroundings. Effective Yoga Postures for Pregnant Women.

Yoga asana parents talks 3
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Exercise is very good for health during pregnancy as it gives strength at the time when labor pain will start. Yoga is also a form of exercise and it is the best workout for pregnant ladies. It will be better for the preggies to join the yoga classes under guidance along with many other pregnant women. This will help you to avoid the yoga asana which can harm your baby.

Best time to start Yoga

If you are regular to your exercise and workouts then you can continue it even after you know that you are pregnant. However, only some relaxing yoga should be done in the first trimester and continue only if you have no complications in your pregnancy. You can consult with your doctor and take various advice before adding yoga to your daily life after pregnancy.

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The best time to start Yoga is from the second trimester.  In case of an IVF pregnancy, some yoga teachers recommend waiting until about 20 weeks so that it cannot harm the growing baby in the womb.

It is strictly advised that start practicing Yoga during pregnancy under some experts and consult with your doctor before adopting any new lifestyle to avoid the hazards.

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Bikin- Yoga- Pose

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Best Yoga Asana for Preggies

There are so many Yoga asanas but it is very important to know which asana is good during pregnancy time. There are much yoga poses that can harm your baby and you can also injure physically while practicing such as asana. So, it is very necessary to choose the right yoga poses during pregnancy time. Check out some of the best Yoga for pregnant women:

First Trimester Yoga Asana

The first trimester is a very crucial time and preggies should take care of themselves very much. This is the trimester where many women had suffered a lot from miscarriages. So it is very important to do the selected yoga poses so that it gives you positive results instead of getting negative effects.

  1. Tadasana or the Mountain pose: This asana helps in making the spine strong and provides relief in back pain.
  2. Marjariasana or Cat Pose: The cat pose asana helps in the circulation of blood in the body. It also helps in strengthening the shoulders and the wrists. But it should be strictly avoided after 26 weeks of pregnancy.
  1. Uttanasana or Standing Forward Bend: This asana is good for the legs and back. The Uttanasana makes the legs strong.
  1. Shavasana or Corpse Pose: This pose should be practiced at last as it helps in relaxing the body after workouts. Shavasana gives freshness to the body and cools down the tiredness.

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Second Trimester Yoga Asana

  1. Virabhadrasana: Virabhadrasana is good for strengthening the whole body.
  1. Meru Aksharshanasan: This yoga pose helps in relaxing your abdominal muscles, inner thigh, and hamstring muscles. This asana also gives strength to carry the growing baby in the womb. 
  1. Uttanasana: The Uttanasana is good at making strong muscles so that it can easily tolerate the increased weight of the body. It helps in making the middle back, thighs and ankles, and uterus strong. 
  1. Vajrasan: This is good for the preggies who have digestive problems. It also helps during delivery as this pose is beneficial in the supply of blood to the pelvic area.

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Third Trimester Yoga Asana

  1. Pranayam: Pranayam helps in relaxing and concentrating while focusing on rhythmic breathing.
  1. Utkatasana: The Utkatasana is a combination of birth stretching and breathing. 
  1. Trikonasana: The Trikonasana helps in improving the flexibility of the hips. This also helps to digest the food easily and reduce the gas problem. 
  1. Upavistha Konasana: This yoga pose helps in reducing back pain and works during delivery by opening the hip joints and releasing the lumbar spine. 

Benefits of Yoga During pregnancy

Yoga is always a beneficial workout whether you are pregnant or not. But it has many advantages to do during pregnancy time because it will not only give you a healthy body but it will also affect your baby’s health. Prenatal Yoga is very effective and had many benefits which will help both the mother and baby. It includes various processes like breathing, focusing, meditation, stretching, and relaxing to the mind of preggies. Some of the genuine benefits of doing prenatal yoga are:

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Pregnant Yoga exercise

  • Yoga is very beneficial in relaxing physical, mental, and emotional stress. The meditation helps in reducing depression during pregnancy.
  • Yoga helps in providing better sleep to the preggies. During pregnancy time, a woman suffers from a lack of sleep due to many reasons. Yoga calms down their mind for proper sleep.
  • Yoga gives a flexible body and builds up muscle strength. The stretching and other yoga asana give flexibility which I very beneficial during the delivery time.
  • The body pain and especially the back pain get relief from different yoga positions. You can take advice from yoga experts to do the particular which can relieve back pain.
  • Yoga helps to strengthen and tone the muscles supporting the pelvic floor. It is very necessary ad it can stop accidental leakage of urine during pregnancy or after your baby is born.

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