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Work-Life balance for Working Women

Working mommies!! Are you the one who is getting trapped between work and life? We know that it is very difficult to manage your personal life along with your profession. The back to back meetings, emails and lots of targets makes your life to miss the family time, kid’s activities, romantic dates and many of your favorite things. But today we will let you know about some of the success mantras to manage the work-life balance.

The work-life balance is not a new concept. It had been discovered in 1970 to define the balance between personal and professional life. During that time it was not widely used but now the work-life balance theory is very necessary because of a heavy workload, depressed life, busy schedule, and frustrating personal life. As a woman, you have to handle many responsibilities of household work, children’s care, and your career. So, if you are going to follow the tips of work-life balance, surely you will feel different happy hours both at the workplace and home.

The actual definition is that “work-life balance is an art of managing the work and life effectively.” Work-Life Balance is successful if you feel the satisfaction at both the places. Here are some of the basic tips to maintain the work-life balance so that you can stay calm and relaxed during the whole day:


Planning for both the career and home life is vital so that you can enjoy both the places without any burden. You can plan according to priority and schedule the things according to your comfort. Planning can make the work easy and time-saving so that you don’t have to think about the next doing by wasting time. You can plan for the whole day at night or early in the morning. For example, If you have small kids then plan for his meal in the night or early in the morning so that you don’t have too much about the baby’s eating.


During planning, you have to think about your priorities. Set the work in the first place which is important. Don’t mess up the personal and professional life. Set apart to both the work balance. Family, hubby, baby, career and your own leisure time are equally important but which work should be done at first should be plan according to its priority. So, ask yourself some questions that which work is most important to you and then make the adjustments and decide that what you have to do.

Communication at the workplace

It is very important to make communication in the workplace so that you can take help with your colleagues if someday you have to leave early. Stay calm and polite with the staff members even if you are in a high position. Sometimes the communication gap can harm you and you will not get the help of anyone when it will need. So, create a friendly environment with all your workplace members.

Helping hands

There is nothing wrong with taking help from others because I don’t think that it is worth to fatiguing your body. Be it your home or workplace, you have the right to ask for help to decrease your burden. Take help from your co-workers, husband, children and other family members. Don’t only take help but also help them too so that you don’t have to listen to the word NO when you need any help.

Connection with family

Stay connected with your family members even though if you are at the workplace. Make a small break to talk with your children or text some romantic message to your hubby or talk to your family member. Talking on phones or texting with husband will give you extra energy and mood refreshing time at the workplace.

Distraction is harmful

If you are working women then you also know that every minute of your day is so much important and there is no place to distract yourself for wasting the time. However, once or twice in 2 weeks, you can manage time for gossiping, internet surfing, using mobiles and chit-chatting with others. But make sure that you don’t adopt this habit for the whole month otherwise you will not be able to manage your work-life balance. This theory is not only for the workplace but it should also be applied at your home. Avoid too much of watching T.V or movies, stay away with the society gossip corner ladies to save your time. Instead, if you get time then spend time with your kids, hubby and other family members.

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Uses of technology and facilities

You are a woman of modern and that is why you are working. Use the technology and facilities to decrease your work burden. use of microwave oven, washing machine, using mop, induction stove, take help of a maid, etc. I assure that this is surely going to save your time which you can utilize for doing other works or relaxing your body.

Separate the personal and professional

The most important thing to maintain the work-life balance is to separate your workplace and home. Don’t mix your personal and professional life otherwise you will get irritated in managing both the things together. Make sure that you don’t bring your office work at home. Stay free to say no to office work to spend peaceful time at home.

Solo time

This is your life and you have the right to spend a lot of time for yourself. Apart from work and home life start thinking about yourself to stay happy. Take appointments at parlor and spa to get a good and relaxing massage, watch movies, have fun with friends, enjoy the leisure time and do anything which you like to do the most to make yourself cheering. If you will be happy then only you are able to work properly at home and office.

Discuss the Issues

If you have any type of office or family issue then it is very important to discuss them with your friends or hubby or any other person who can give you a good suggestion. You cannot maintain a healthy life if you are rounded with many issues. If you will talk to others then only you will get the solution.

The women have to do many compromises, sacrifices, and adjustments to maintain the work-life balance. They have to play many roles in their life like mother, wife and a good career maker. It is very difficult to take the responsibilities properly at every place, but they do with so much burden and tension. So, it is better that you follow the above-discussed points so that you can enjoy your time at both home and office. Prepare for all the things in advance and be active, energetic and save your time with the smart way of managing the work-life balance.


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