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Why Women Have Affairs

Remaining faithful to one’s partner is an overrated virtue, so it would seem in today’s context. While both sexes cheat on their partners, the reasons vary. For women, the reasons for cheating stem from an emotional context. For men, the need to cheat stems from a gambling instinct and from a need to gratify physical needs. Statistics increasingly indicate that the number of women cheating has risen dramatically. 

While it is debatable if the need to cheat is a natural instinct in both men and women, the fact remains that infidelity is rampant in today’s world. It is also a matter of conjecture as to which of the sexes is prone to stray. It is estimated that 3/10 women stray as compared to 7/10 men who were surveyed from a test group in England. The findings have been contested stating men usually own up to an affair while women are more adept at lying and do not admit to an affair.

With women becoming increasingly financially independent and holding jobs on par if not better than men, the old value systems are changing. Women today take the view that it is perfectly acceptable to seek love outside a dissatisfying relationship and so do not endeavor to remain faithful.


Women cheat on their partners due to the following reasons:

  1. Dissatisfaction with their marriage: Women cheat on their husbands because they are dissatisfied with their marital relationships. They may feel unappreciated or not valued by their partners and hence they look for acceptance elsewhere. In some cases, it may be due to your unsatisfactory sex life with the current partner. Women seek gratification for their emotional needs outside their marriage.
  2. Ego gratification: Often as their husbands approach middle age and climb up the corporate ladder, women find more time on their hands. This is especially so if this coincides with their children growing independent of their parents. Women indulge in an affair to give their ego a boost and to reassure themselves that they are still sought after as persons in their own right.
  3. Revenge as a motive: Women seek out pleasure outside marriage, as a way of paying back a spouse who they feel should be punished. This could stem from the spouse’s infidelity, neglect, or lack of demonstrative love which most women crave for.
  4. Financial independence: With women being financially independent, they seek the thrill of an illicit affair if only to prove that they are equal to men. 
  5. Option available: Some women find it difficult to resist a better option knocking at their doors. It may also be due to your overlooking a previous occasion.
  6. Falling out of love:  Women who have already fallen out of love with the present partner are more likely to find love elsewhere. 
  7. Just to enjoy the new experience and excitement and the possibility of not being found out.

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