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Why the second child is important?

Having a family is very important to survive. If we talk about the past 35-40 years ago, there was no family planning and thus the number of children in the family. Now the society’s view is changed and people even count the baby’s gap balance to maintain a healthy family life. Even the government had also made the punch line ‘Hum do Hamare Do’ to aware people for the family planning.

The family planning is a good thing but there are many couples who have planned and get involved to themselves with only one child because of many reasons like expense, career and many more. A couple can stay happy with one baby but do you think that your baby will be comfortable in the future to get involved with others? Yes, it is true, that the child with a sibling is more extravert than the child who had no sibling.

Siblings are the blessed children who are very important to share our life memories along with them. A couple should understand the feeling of their baby, and plan for the second baby to give your first baby a lifetime gift.

If you are the one who is not planning to have the second baby should go through the full article to know that why the second baby is important who is not only important for your baby but for you too. Check out some of the basic reasons why the second baby is important.


It is very true that a single child cannot learn to share things. They cannot adjust anywhere because of their nature. Normally every child first learns the things from their home. If there will be no siblings then with whom he will learn to share. So, if you want your baby to learn the sharing then plan for the second baby.

A good company

Siblings are important because they can give each other a good company. All the time you don’t have to take your kids to other children for playing because siblings are best playing mates in the universe. They have the benefits of playing at any time because at home there will be no boundation of playing with each other.

You are habitual

Having the second baby will not bother you so much because you will be habitual and more prepared to deal with a baby. Unlike your first baby, you will know the exact timing of the baby growth and will not take tension, thinking about the late growth and development.

Stubborn child

If you are having another baby then there are chances that your children will not become stubborn and they will stay with much ethics. A single child knows that he is the only child on whom his parents are concentration and he starts to think of himself a very important person and expecting to get all the things which he wants. But with the arrival of the second baby, he comes to understand that they both are equal and both have to listen NO if something wrong they demand.

Quality time with a partner

A single child always wants the attention of parents to avoid the boredom. But if you have a second child then they both can spend a good playing time together and you will be all free to spend some good quality time with your partner.

New old clothes

This one is funny but yet true that your first baby’s wardrobe will be usable for the second baby. The babies grow very fast and thus their clothes become shorter to them. You have to leave the beautiful attires even though they are new. But if you have the second baby then you can make the reuse of those clothes. You don’t have to invest much in clothes for your baby.

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Big baby help

The second baby learns more from his elder brother/sister than his parents. You will get much help from your first big baby because he is surely going to teach him various things which can be anything like his naughty things or some good etiquette. You don’t have to spend a lot of time again on the second baby to make him learn the things which formerly you taught to your first child.


When the second time you become a parent then you will have knowledge that how to take care of the baby and you don’t have to be confused and you don’t have to bother for the different pieces of advice. You will be an experienced mother to make your baby healthy.

Family time together

Having two babies means double responsibilities for a mother which is not possible. So, fathers have to involve taking care of the babies and thus you will get time to spend. You will enjoy the moment when you will see your man to spending time the family instead of mobiles, laptops, and TV.

Crime partner

Both the children are going to be a great crime partner which will be there best childhood memories. When they will grow up you will have a number of stories to tell them.

Secret Keeper

The siblings are the greatest secret keeper of each other. If you have two kids then they will not feel alone to share their talks because everyone is not as trustworthy as their brothers or sisters.

Social skills

If your baby has a sibling then you don’t have to bother about many small things. Both the kids will discuss their problems together and they will also learn many other social skills from one another. It is seen that the kids with siblings have much confidence to talk with anyone because they are habitual of talking at home.

Growing old together

Friends are not forever available but family is always there for you. As the kids grow they will also share a bond with the siblings and friends too but at one age they will understand that siblings are forever and will ready to help out them even at midnight.

There are many more to explain the importance of having a second baby. This baby is very important and lovable for your first baby because he really needs a company to hang out at different ages. So, plan for the second pregnancy is your first baby is above 2-3 years.

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