Antioxidants in Pregnancy Good For Kids

According to recent research, it has been found that antioxidants in pregnancy are good for kids, as it reduces the chances of contracting obesity or diabetes by the offspring. Another research has proved that around thirty-six percent of the deformities that are present in newborn babies can get reduced if the mother consumes the right dose of antioxidants during the time of pregnancy. It has been proved that women who completely relied on processed foods that are high in fat and sugar content gave birth to babies who are easily prone to obesity. When the right dosage of antioxidants was included in the pregnancy diet, the chances of the baby succumbing to obesity can be greatly reduced.

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Foods that have high fat or sugar content, when consumed during the pregnancy can give rise to a condition called oxidative stress. In this condition, it becomes difficult for the body to repair any damage that is caused to the cells. But if antioxidants are present in the pregnancy diet then the damages in the cells can be controlled. Foods that are high in vitamin C like oranges, grapes, etc are good for pregnancy. You can get your dosage of antioxidants from the green leafy vegetables.

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It can be quite difficult to sketch out the right pregnancy diet plan as with bouts of morning sickness and constant food cravings, most of the healthy foods might not do justice to your palate. Folic acid is an important component that should be a part of your pregnancy diet as well because it can prevent bone deformities. One needs to have around six hundred milligrams of folic acid-based foods on a daily basis during the time of pregnancy. Green vegetables and eggs are very good sources of folic acid. Calcium is another important element of the pregnancy diet as it is necessary for the proper development of the baby’s bones.

It has been observed that during pregnancy, if the fetus does not receive the proper amount of calcium, then it tends to derive calcium from the mother’s bones, which in turn can make the mother prone to bone fractures. It is better to avoid relying just on dairy foods to get the required calcium for your body, as they can give rise to blood pressure and the problem of high cholesterol. Therefore deriving calcium from salmon, almonds cauliflower, etc is a better option during the pregnancy phase.

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