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Who All are Susceptible to Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is the second highest cause of cancer deaths among women. There are several factors, according to various studies conducted, which determine who is most susceptible to breast cancer.

Here are some indicators as to who would be more likely to be at a risk for the problem. Women who have been exposed to the following are more at risk

  1. A history of breast cancer or tumor
  2. Radiation therapy for the upper body region
  3. Victim of a long period of depression or mental trauma
  4. Older women
  5. Those who live in cities as compared to those who live in rural locations
  6. Those who live in higher altitudes

Research findings also indicate that

  1. Only 1% of those diagnosed with breast cancer are men
  2. 8/10 women diagnosed with the problem are more than fifty years old
  3. About one in every 10 people with breast cancer were at risk because of hereditary factors
  4. A woman who conceives when they are older than 30 years or that woman who does not conceive at all are more at risk
  5. The longer a woman breastfeeds a child, the lower becomes the risk of the problem
  6. Women who face obesity or overweight problems after menopause are more at risk for breast cancer
  7. Intake of one unit of alcohol daily increases breast cancer risk
  8. Those who start periods early (when she is less than 12 years old) and those who have a late menopause (when she is more than 55 years)are more at risk for breast cancer
  9. As long as a contraceptive pill is taken, there is a slight possibility of risk of the illness, which comes down as soon as the pill is discontinued

Breast Cancer

According to a research study conducted for over a decade, there are several factors that indicate who is at higher risk for breast cancer and who are at a lower risk women

Women more likely to get breast cancer

  1. Older women
  2. Taller women
  3. Those who have moved from lower to higher income group
  4. Women taking estrogen therapy
  5. Unmarried women
  6. Women who have had children after they are 30 years old
  7. In the US a white American or an African American is more likely to be afflicted with breast cancer than a Hispanic or Asian/ Pacific Island woman

Factors that reduce breast cancer risk

  1. Healthy lifestyle 
  2. Married and with children born before the woman is 30 years of age
  3. Started periods after the age of 12 and had menopause before reaching 55 years
  4. Maintaining an ideal weight or losing extra pounds after menopause
  5. Regular exercise routine begun was a teenager and continued through the years

However, it is important to remember that all the factors listed above are not direct causes for the problem. Extensive research and demographic profiles have only indicated a higher prevalence of breast cancer for certain characteristics. The root or actual cause of the problem is still to be ascertained.

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