When To Stop Infertility Treatment

Some couples spend hundreds of thousands of rupees exhausting all of their options just in the hope to be able to conceive someday while some other couples decide from the get-go itself that though they want to have a baby they would not go for invasive fertility treatments or reach up to extreme measures. An examination of the question of when should one stop trying medical treatments to cope with infertility is one of the most difficult aspects of infertility treatment.

However, everybody has their own limits and one should always have enough courage to recognize when the limit has reached. While some couples decide their alternatives early enough so that they are mentally prepared about what they have to do next, some other couples keep on moving in the direction itself just hoping that they would be able to conceive someday without even knowing that they have reached their limit and sometimes even farther than that. 

A number of troubles are faced by infertile couples regarding when they should the treatment of infertility. The most significant among them is the rapid changes occurring in the field of medical sciences, which brings out new and never-ending hopes in the hearts of infertile couples. Such hopeful opportunities keep alive the hopes of patients by new and latest researches. When it seems that all the doors are getting closed now, the scientists come out with new inventions in the field bringing new hopes, offering new chances to infertile couples to bear a baby. 


Another prevalent reason is the never-ending treatment given by the doctors to the couples. Generally, doctors are quite optimistic that the treatment being offered by them will eventually bore results, and such a tendency biases their ability to give a proper suggestion to the patients regarding stopping the treatment. 

Some couples do not stop their treatment because of the guilty conscience that by doing so they would let down their doctor who has been trying so hard to help them get fertile. While some couples keep their hopes alive by thinking that if they keep on trying and continue with the treatment, they would surely succeed, and in such a situation stopping the treatment may seem like they are giving up or lack of capacity to persist. 

When you have to make a decision as to whether you should stop continuing with the infertility treatment but you are quite not sure about it as to how to give it a final shape, you should go with the below-listed steps which may help you determine the best choice for you.

  • You should make a time frame for yourself that will help you decide that for how long you are going to continue with the treatment for example you will try up till your next birthday or for one more year or any such thing. You may also modify it later according to your doctor’s advice.
  • You may also take a short break from the treatment or stop continuing your attempts to conceive for a short while. This may help you analyze your feelings and your partner’s feelings and after that, you and your partner can clearly think whether you should continue with the treatment or now is the correct time to stop the treatment.
  • Acceptance of your infertility is the biggest part of the treatment. One should always accept the fact that infertility will always remain a part of you. The decision of bringing a full stop to the treatment may bring closure and resolution but the ache of infertility will remain within you.

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