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How to Know if You Need Marriage Counseling

Marriage is the union of two lives, a bond of love, and a beginning of a new life for both, the charming bride and the handsome bridegroom. It is the foundation of a family and building a family requires many things like compromise, faith, love and care, patience, and understanding within the couple. So, always, before marriage, some tips and views are given to the marrying couple and the best input is given by the marriage counseling sessions, before and also after the marriage.

Now, the question that enters the mind is when should one go to marriage counseling? The most genuine answer to this question can be when your intuition asks you to go for it. In maximum cases, it is due to factors like

  • when you had a fight and you withdraw to address the cause of the fight.
  • when you start having doubt about your choice of a spouse as your partner.
  • when you feel physically emotionally or sexually disconnected and are not able to change the scenario.
  • when you feel lost and everything you tried does not yield any effective result
  • when both of you are not comfortable with each other and sometimes domestic violence also causes distress. 


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Between a couple, it is natural that there are little fights and troubles. But, when these fights jump on a larger scale, they create havoc in the relationship. The distress mounts to such a level that both the counterparts are never willing to touch the main cause of the tension and trouble, and it calls for a third party who can settle them and make them discuss their matters to find a solution. Then, when should one go for marriage counseling? When you are not even willing to talk to your partner about the problem.

When there is any kind of fight, trouble, or distress in marriage, the emotional communication gets disconnected and sometimes, the passion for love and sex also disappears. This increases the distress more, up to a higher level and the distances creep up between the partners. Instead of talking to each other and searching for a solution for their problem, they individually seek solace in outsiders. So, when should one go for marriage counseling? When you and your partner become emotionally and sexually disconnected.

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Does a woman think that when should one go to marriage counseling? Will it be alright to attend the session individually and many more things? This thought process is initiated when one starts to believe that their partner is the sole cause of all the troubles and problems of marriage. The person doubts the efforts of his/her spouse and loses confidence in the partner. They also lose their trust in the marriage and hardly realize that a little effort of talking can improve the scenario. In such cases, the person prefers to attend the counseling sessions individually in order to avoid being with his/her partner. Though these sessions might prove to be helpful, yet it is advisable to attend these together and get to know the cause of the main problem together. Here, when should one go for marriage counseling? When you feel your partner is the cause of the trouble.


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A marriage demands patience and many compromises to move forward smoothly. Whenever any fight takes place, one should put all the effort to correct it and push the cart on track again. But these efforts don’t work all the time and sometimes a situation comes when you feel completely stuck and have tried all the solutions without beneficial result. Thus, here comes the call for a marriage counseling session. Now, when should one go for marriage counseling? When you are done with all the solutions and feel lost.

In cases of domestic violence, there is definite help required. After a few years of marriage, though the adjustment and comfortability increase amongst the two counterparts yet, in some cases comfortability decreases and gradually lowers down to an extent of violence and harassment. In maximum cases, the female counterpart is the victim of the ruthless behavior of their partners. Thus, when should one go for marriage counseling, when the things go out of hand and painful suffering increases.

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Marriage is a vital part of life. When the question ‘when should one go for marriage counseling’ enters your mind, the sessions are required, sooner or later.

You cannot afford to lose the most important relationship of your life by either default or any kind of delay!

This article is about marriage counseling and discusses the right time when a person should go for marriage counseling.  One can go for marriage counseling due to several reasons. This article serves as a guide for those who are planning to take up marriage counseling to save their relationship from a breakup. It is an important decision that one has to make and should be done wisely.

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