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Pre And Post Workout Diet

Muscle gain can be effective only if a pre and post-workout diet is supplied to the body with the right type of nutrition, that too, at the right time. Workout in the gym involves intense resistance exercise. Usually, the span of the workout is less than one hour. The diet you take 90 minutes before and 90 minutes after these exercises determine how much you will be progressing towards your goal. The period from the pre-workout diet until the post-workout diet is very important. During this period you are feeding for your muscle growth. This period of around four hours can remarkably increase your muscle-building ability if pre and post-workout diets are followed correctly. During this period your body needs proper nutrition for building muscle.

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The pre-workout meal you take prepares your body for the strenuous exercises that follow this diet soon, and hence, it is the most important second meal of the day. You would be using the stored energy during the workout. This makes the body turn to glycolysis for the sake of replenishing the energy. In the process of glycolysis, sugars (carbs) are transformed into ATP. This enables the supply of energy to your body for the workout items such as contracting a muscle. This implies that you should need carbs as ingredients to make the energy available at once. A lack of these ingredients will cause an inability to perform the workout to your expectation. However, this does not mean that your pre-workout meal should be a totally different one from your normal meals when your practice is for mass gain.

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Your pre-workout diet should contain complex carbohydrates and protein mainly. To make your pre-workout effective, it is essential that these micronutrients are present in the pre-workout diet. Consume this diet 60 – 90 minutes starting the workout so that your body has enough time to digest and the nutrients are made available during the workout. The complex carbohydrates are the source of energy you need for the workout. Alternatively, you can also consume fruits or fruit juices that contain simple carbohydrates. You can also ingest protein through a quick drink. Take this drink 15 – 30 minutes prior to the workout. This is an immediate source of energy.

Your post-workout diet should contain carbohydrates and protein. Muscle glycogen drains out during the exercise. The ingested carbohydrates replenish this fuel source. Protein rebuilds the muscle. In the mass gain exercises, the muscles break down. They then try to rebuild and make themselves stronger. These two processes are known as catabolism and anabolism. The workout may cause a little tear in the muscle fibers and connective tissues. Subsequent to the workout the rebuilding takes place. For this process of adaptation, the muscles need a nutritious post-workout diet. The post-workout nutrition aims at refueling the muscles quickly and efficiently for which they need raw materials. A good post-workout diet provides them.

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Taking sports drinks as part of the post-workout diet can speed up the rejuvenation process. Ingesting protein in liquid form can help its quick utilization by the body. You can take the post-workout diet when your stomach needs it after the workout. You need not wait for passing 90 minutes.

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