What Parents Need to Check Before School Admission?

Parents want to give finest education to their children. Because child is an apple of the eye for his/her parent. So, whenever you select your child’s school or pre-schools, there are a few important aspects you must have cater. Besides, if you are living in any City, your choices are countless. Check these points before you finalized the school for your child.

We know that today mostly parents are working in India, they don’t have much time for their children, and this become more necessary to check the best school for their Child’s’ growth and future.

What important factors matter for your child’s admission?

Distance From Your House:

Always keep in mind the distance of your kid’s school; this is not short span, everyday your child has to commute morning and afternoon. So, make sure that the school you select does not leave him/her tired and exhausted due to daily distance.

Class Student Ratio: 

This is one of the biggest factors you need to check before admitting your child in school. What will be the class student ratio? Can teacher able to give proper attention/time to your child?  We know if teacher has huge number of student, they can’t give full attention to all students. Being a parent, you have the right to ask and check this from the school authority.

Type of Grading System: 

Check-out whether the school has grade or numbering system and how this is effective and functioning? And how frequent is assessment. 


Curriculum and School Board: 

The curriculum that different schools follow varies. It also depends on the board to which the school is affiliated to. Do research when your child gets promoted to a higher class, the topics that he will be mandatory to study. 


Certainly a critical factor for your child. Make sure the atmosphere of the school is good and the administration emphasizes on safety and security of the children.

Teacher Qualifications: 

Who can give best education to your child? Yes, the quality, qualification and experience of teachers matters a lot. A school with qualified and experienced teachers certainly scores over the one where the teacher selection process is not suitable.

Parents Teacher Meeting:

How frequently teachers and parents meeting organized by the management. Teacher and parents can discuss the child growth and development, where they are lacking, what attention need to care by parents and teacher time to time. Parents and teachers meeting are very necessary.

Being a parent, you should be assuring on these factors while selecting your child’s school. Your child can be more smart and active if the class teacher and school are perfect in all aspects and really they care for each and every child and their academic growth.


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