How-To-Get-Rid-Of-Old-Scar Tissue After Surgery

What Is Scar Tissue

Scar tissue is due to injury, surgery, or repetitive motion. There are many types of injuries that can cause many types of scars. Such scars have different types of tissues and result in pain and discomfort. An injury caused by horse kicking can cause a big, round swelling under the skin that will leave a hard cluster of scar tissue resembling a hard mass. The body part that is injured is opposed to movement because of pain, so the non-movable area begins to lay down scarring to the bruised cells.

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In another type of injury in a repetitive motion, tissue wears down from constant friction. The body builds scar tissue as the muscle or joint goes on to break down by defying the body’s signals. This type of scar buildup can be in the form of hardening of soft tissue, or bone spurring due to Osteoarthritis.

Scar tissue restricts the movement of adjoining, finally creating injury to the joint itself. This type of limiting tissue can become stronger than non-elastic as connective tissue like tendons and cartilage. After an injury, collagen fibers are laid down in an irregular and unbalanced pattern in order to prevent the recurrence of injury.

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Many times it is not possible to know for sure that manual therapy can break up the tissue. You will realize this after you try to mobilize tissue that has grown over like a scar. If the scar tissue formed by the injury is old and has chronic inflammation, it will take a long time for the tissues to break. If there is still heat in the area, there are chances that it might still be building scar tissue. There should not be any massaging done in that area.

Scar tissue is also known as adhesions. It has debilitating symptoms and is diagnosed only with the help of diagnostic laparoscopy. It is not easy and fast to diagnose this and patients suffer for a long time before the scar tissue is diagnosed. The most popular method of removing scar tissues is corrective surgery. In many cases, the surgeon may remove scar tissues during laparoscopy surgery, but if an adequate barrier is not used after adhesions are removed, the tissues begin to adhere once again.

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These tissues continue to grow and take everything in their trap. So it is a very painful process and the surgeon has to be competent enough to remove the scar tissues so that they are not formed again

You can also treat scar tissue with draining and stretching. During draining the scar the therapist pumps the scar area with his fingers and allows the tissue to soften. Stretching the scar requires the therapist to pull the scar tissue apart gently, from the top of the scar, and working down its length at quarter-inch intervals. He may also opt to elongate the scar by massaging the skin along the scar surface in a circular motion, attempting to release tension and reduce the pain. After the massage, apply vitamin E or a soothing lotion to the scar site. Though they are not permanent cures for scar tissue, you can try this method to lessen the pain.

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