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What happens when a hindu baby is born?

Once a hindu baby is born, it is a state of extreme happiness for couples. They perform Jatakarma to welcome the child in family and put honey to baby’s mouth and also, whisper name of God in child’s ear. As it is a state of celebration, I remember, it’s very good news for grandparents too. They feel very happy and excited to welcome the new member in Hindu family.  When a couple is married, a prayer called Garbhadana (conception) is recited to fulfill one’s parental obligations. As it is said it is the responsibility of each individual to continue the hindu race.

The ceremony of Punsavana (foetus protection) is performed which is done for the strong physical growth of the foetus. During the seventh month, Simantonnyana is performed. It is the equivalent of a baby shower and means ‘satisfying the craving of the pregnant mother’. It is believed that mental state of the pregnant mother affects an unborn child.

Rituals also include a naming ceremony (Namakarna), the Nishkarmana (the child’s first trip out) and the Annaprasana, (the child’s first taste of solid food).

The ear-piercing ceremony (Karnavedha) and first haircut (Mundan) ceremonies are also considered highly important. Head shaving is linked to the removal of impurities of a child.

I also remember as i am the elder one in family, I welcomed my sister with open arms. I was a very happy person when I was welcoming my younger sister in my family. It was a very happy moment for me as everyone in the house too was happy because of her birth. It was an auspicious and sacred time.

  1. Burying the placenta

The placenta is a kind of organ which develops in the uterus during pregnancy, which provides essential oxygen and nutrients to the growing baby. Then baby’s birth happens and, the placenta leaves the body, having fulfilled its very purpose. Though most hospitals dispose of placentas after childbirth, people from religious and cultural traditions honor the organ’s role in nourishing/developing the fetus. These rituals include burying or making jewelry out of placenta.

  1. Head shaving

In Hinduism, the ceremony mundan is believed to get rid the baby of negativity from their past life. The prupose is to cleanse the child’s body and soul. Some Hindus take the baby’s hair to scatter in the holy river Ganges.

  1. Ear-piercing

Some Hindus have their baby’s ears pierced in a ritual called karnavedha. Some believe that the pierced ears will help in warding off the evil powers. Some other believes the ear lobe is an important acupuncture point and that piercing may have a therapeutic value. It is a vital ceremony which takes place in hindus.

  1. Naming ceremony

During the ceremony, the parents announce the name and its spiritual significance to them. The blessings are said to value that the child has entered into a covenant with God. It is done as soon as after the child is born. Many religious and cultural traditions revolve around naming the newborn.

In Hinduism, the concept of the household is really very important. A Hindu person goes through different stages of life and the household is title to one of the stage. Man looks after the women and children.

  1. First words

The first words your baby hears or what he hears in the next few months plays a vital role in social and cognitive development. So therefore you have to be watchful of what you say around your baby. The first sound he/she may hear is laughter, tears, happiness etc.

  1. Something sweet

It is said that the infant’s first taste should be sweet so that he can speak sweetly for the rest of his life. Feed your baby with honey. It is a wholesome food! It is meant to have a sweet future for your child.

Havan/puja is also performed. Every member is so happy to take care of the child. They feel the joy that a baby brings along. There are different ceremonies according to rituals and cultural traditions are performed. Pandits sit and offer prayers to welcome the new baby in the house. Baby’s safety is to be kept in mind while doing all this. Mother feels happy and all the love and affection is showered on him/her. In this way, hindu race is continued along with an atmosphere of great fervor.

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