What Does Shoulder Pain Indicate

Shoulder pain may occur for many reasons. It is crucial that the correct cause is detected and effectively treated. Pain in the shoulders usually indicates one or more of the following conditions

  1. Probably the most common indication of shoulder pain is dislocation of the shoulder when the scapula is torn apart from the upper region of the bone of the arm
  2. Another common indication of shoulder pain is the onset of arthritis. Though hip and knee joint pains are more common indicators of arthritis shoulder pain may also indicate the onset of symptoms for this painful disorder
  3. Bursitis – when there is inflammation of the tendon of the rotator cuff
  4. Tear in the labrum also causes shoulder pain. The labrum is the cartilage of the shoulder joint 
  5. When extra calcium is deposited on the same rotator cuff tendons a painful condition called calcific tendonitis is indicated
  6. When the muscles of the biceps suffer a rupture at the shoulder joint, this also causes severe pain in the shoulder
  7. Adhesive capsulitis – when there is a marked stiffness of the joints
  8. A shoulder separation is another condition indicated by shoulder pain; the acromioclavicular joint or AC joint is affected, causing this pain. The AC joint is found at the top of the shoulder where the acromion of the scapula meets the clavicle bone 
  9. Imbalance or instability of the shoulder also causes acute shoulder pain
  10. When the bone becomes separated from the tendons (of the rotator cuff) due to a tear in the tendon, the condition called rotator cuff tear occurs which is often indicated by a shoulder pain
  11. The superior labral anterior-posterior (SLAP) injury indicates a tear in the fibrous border beside the upper region of the socket joint of the shoulder. This kind of injury usually happens when you bend your arm inwards with too much force or too frequently. It may also happen if a fall is on an arm that is outstretched

What Does Shoulder Pain Indicate

Sometimes a shoulder pain may be quite mild, getting cured within a day. Sometimes it may be a prolonged pain causing a lot of discomfort for movement. Whatever the case, if you are unsure about what has caused the pain, it is best to seek the advice of a physician whose investigations will reveal the real cause of the pain and also tell you the indications.  There are the sure-shot symptoms that must be examined by a physician

When you find it extremely inconvenient to either lift or carry things with one hand or both hands

  1. Inflammation and bruising around the shoulder area
  2. Pain that does not allow free mobility of hands and arms
  3. Pain in the shoulder even when you are comfortably lying down
  4. When the pain is accompanied by a deformity of the ball and socket joint
  5. Redness in the shoulder region accompanied by fever 
  6. Persistent pain

To treat any kind of shoulder pain the cause should be correctly determined. Only then can it be treated effectively.

Shoulder pain is an indication of a wide variety of shoulder problems. The pain could be caused by a fall, by a tear in the muscle, when the bone is separated from the tendon, or even because of bending the arm inwards with too much force. It is extremely important to visit the doctor about the pain especially if it is accompanied by fever, if it persists for many days or if it is difficult to lift objects or raise hands without pain. Once the cause is determined it becomes easier to treat the pain effectively.

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