What Clothes Should Be Worn By Psoraises Patient

What Clothes Should Be Worn By Psoraises Patient

As Psoriasis patients suffer from discomfort that is caused by lesions that are inflamed and reddish, proper clothes will help them. The problem that is faced by Psoriasis patients is the abnormally fast rate at which the cells of the skin divide. Several types of treatments are suggested for Psoriasis patients.

Some Psoriasis patients feel that clothes made of silk are the best. It is better to wear clothes that will help in making the patient feel comfortable. The clothes should not increase skin irritation. The clothes must not make the patient feel itchiness which will cause severe discomfort.

Psoriasis patients feel that cotton garments are good as they do not increase body temperature. It will also not cause skin irritation and so lightweight cotton clothes are preferred. On the other hand, it is better to avoid synthetic clothes and woolens. You should also not wear clothes made using fabrics like corduroy and denim. The disadvantage associated with synthetic clothes is that they are not as airy as cotton clothes. Synthetic clothes have the tendency to stick to the skin and also retain heat more than other fabrics.

Cotton clothes are also preferable compared to synthetic clothes as patients would normally wear full sleeve shirts to cover the body as much as possible. While it is aimed to cover the body as much as possible, the patient should not feel uncomfortable due to the build-up of heat. Thus, cotton clothes come in handy in such a situation. The following are some of the fabrics that are quite lightweight in nature and can help to hide the Psoriasis condition: Nylons, organza, voile, and Chiffon. So, you can wear loosely fitting clothes that are made using any of these fabrics.

It is also found that detergents that do not use scents are better than fragrant ones. Adding to this, it is better to make use of liquid detergents. When compared to solid detergents which dissolve less effectively, liquid detergents are better. If the detergent does not dissolve properly, there are high chances for the detergent particles to adhere to clothes. This can worsen the condition of Psoriasis patients. The same rule applies to fabric softeners too.

After purchasing cotton clothes, it is better to check the fit. The clothes that are worn must be loose and should not fit tightly. Otherwise, the patient will experience a lot of pain. Also, as a general rule, light colors are chosen compared to dark colors to prevent the appearance of skin flakes on the clothes. Not only this, do not wear new clothes as soon as you purchase them. New clothes may have irritants that will prove detrimental to patients. To avoid this, wash new clothes after you buy them. This is a safe tip to follow whenever you purchase something new.

Psoriasis patients must be careful in choosing fabrics and fits. A well-chosen fabric and a loose fit will be very convenient. Also, choose colors that will suit your medical condition.

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