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Weak And Fragile Fingernails

Fingernails are the first noticed area of the body. When you are shaking hands with someone, your nails are noticed first. Even when we are talking we use our hands and which makes the fingernails prominent. If we are grooming our fingernails properly we can strengthen our nails naturally.  Many women are overwhelmed because their fingernails crack and split. There are many reasons behind this, some are hereditary and the other main reason is because of vitamin deficiency. Nails also need an adequate quantity of nutrition to nourish and to be strong and healthy. If a person is experiencing a change in the shape or color of her or his nails, then definitely we can say that this is because of vitamin deficiency. Biotin is helpful in effectively treating this deficiency.

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Apart from biotin; vitamin A, vitamin C, alpha-tocopherol, silicon, retinoids, zinc, iron, retinal, retinol, selenium, and copper, are considered to be the essential nutrients to have healthy nails. Fingernail vitamin deficiency can be caused by a deficiency of any of these crucial nutrients. In most cases, brittle nails may be due to the deficiency of biotin. Biotin is found in strawberries, grapefruit, yeast mushrooms, bananas, and watermelon. Iron is also an essential factor this can be obtained from carrots, red meat, and green vegetables.

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The first step is to protect nails from water. When we are washing clothes, or dishes, or using any chemical we should not forget to wear gloves. This will make the nail bed not wet which may cause the nail weaker. If you do not have gloves then try to minimize the time duration for keeping your nails wet and dry it soon after using water for a long time.

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Apply hand lotion or cream regularly. Find the best one which will put moisture into nails which makes them more flexible and stronger. Also, make sure that you are using the cream every time you are washing your hands. Massage the cuticles with vitamin oil every night before you go to bed this will make your fingernails stronger over time.

We should limit using nail polish remover. Polish remover contains alcohol and some other chemicals which make our nails brittle. Try to use remover, not more than once a week. Applying a thin coat of clear nail hardener twice a day over the fingernails will help in making the fingernails stronger. Try to do this consecutively for seven days, after that remove the hardener and then apply a thin coat the same as before. It is seen that in the case of weak nails, nail polish has a dry effect. If you are trying a buffer you will get a polished and shiny effect. Also, the friction created by the buffer stimulation for nail growth.


If you are having peeling or thin nails, ridges, or a white spot, it shows that you are having zinc deficiency, also if our nail growth is very slow this means that we are in need of Zinc. Hangnails look inflamed and red and this can be painful. To manage this you should consume foods that are high in folic acid like lentils, mushrooms, barley, and bran legumes. Vitamin C can be added by using citrus, orange, guava, green vegetables, and amla to our diet.

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Drinking milk daily and taking calcium tablets are also helpful in making the nails and our bodies stronger. Also, multivitamins with a significant amount of calcium in it is also helpful for the effort to make stronger fingernails. The best suggestion is to try to avoid supplements to improve the health of the nails because too much of any of these vitamins can cause fragile or brittle nails. Try to get vitamins directly from food. When we nourish our body automatically nails will also become healthier.

One of the major problems of fingernail vitamin deficiency is that it will cause brittle and dry nails and further it may lead to many other health disorders such as thyroid, infectious disease, hindered blood circulation, and impaired kidney function. The best way to fight against the problem of weak, fragile, and splitting nails is by adding a lot of vegetables and fruits into your diet. Try to consume food like fish, broccoli, dairy products, milk, and whole grain. Water intake is an essential factor in improving the disorders of nails.

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