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What are The Most Common Baby Care Questions of First-Time Parents?

The birth of your first baby is always memorable in your life. However, most of the first-time parents do not have confidence in how to make their parenting successful and effective. As they feel embarrassed, they speak to pediatricians and other child specialists. Still, they cannot find answers to all their baby-care queries. That is why we have found out the common questions, raised by the first-time parents.

How much active engagement is important for your children?

Curiosity is one of the innate traits of every child. The parents have to give their children an opportunity of knowing their surrounding environment. They must ensure that their children are safely dealing with their activities. The best childcare centre also engages the children in different activities to make them more energetic

Successful parenting- Will I measure it by relationship quality or by effectiveness of my control over the child?

The best parents always know the fact that it is important to develop a friendly relationship with the children. Thus, instead of finding ways for controlling their behavior, the parents have to grow intimacy with the infants.

Your child may be obedient to you. However, it never denotes that you are successful as a parent. The parent-child relationship is the most valuable thing to moms and dads. The infant care centre Singapore also gives importance to the development of a friendly relationship with children.

Is love the ultimate end of my instructions?

While parents are scolding their kids, the little ones cannot realize their love. Thus, you have the responsibility of reminding your children how much you love them. Control your anger and convey your love for the infants.

What is the right bedtime for a kindergartener?

Most of the child specialists think that the 5-year old children need to sleep at least 10 to 12 hours. Toddlers must also sleep 9 to 12 hours. Thus, they must go to bed at 9 PM to wake up at 7 AM.

Is it safe to leave my kids alone at home?

Some of us think that kids of 8 years old can safely stay at home without the presence of their parents. However, others like to wait for it until their kids reach 10. The best rule for parents is to check out the maturity level of their kids. To measure this maturity, you may ask some questions to yourself-

  • Do my children make the right decision?
  • Do they know the way of dealing with any visitor?
  • How do they respond to stressful circumstances?
  • Do the kids feel safe with neighbors?
  • Can they contact me when I am not at home?

Should I assign household tasks to my kids?

You can ask your kids to put their toys away and to arrange their books properly. These chores make the kids responsible in their future life. However, you must not overburden your kids with loads of tasks.

Is it the right time to let my kids hold the mobile?

The issue of mobiles and children is common to most of the parents. However, we think that you have to wait until your kids become at least junior high school-level students. The best fact is that modern cell phones come with safety features and parental control. The younger kids, using Smartphone, may face the risk of cyberbullying and other threats.

What is the best approach to start the language learning process?

The infants can make some sounds, like ta ta or boo boo. Interestingly, kids love repetition, and as one of the parents, you may sing a song and read books repeatedly. It would help your baby to learn conversations. However, you must also mimic the words of your infants.

The best educators of childcare centers help the children in learning language with everyday communication. Preschool curriculum also includes different activities for language development of a child.

Both parents and caregivers have lots of queries on how to nurture the infants for proper development. We have found the answers to some of their queries. However, as every child is different, you must make decision by observing your kids and knowing their needs.


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