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New Trends Of Head Shave

Though shaved hair styling is a new trend and not many people adopt it. Fashion is associated with people who prefer funky styles. Many shave their heads because balding has set in or the hair fall is severe. Some adopt shaved head styles just because they like it so. Here are the shaved head trends now in fashion.

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Punk Style Head Shave

Today, the punk style is becoming more and more popular. Hair is fashioned in a manner that only one side of the scalp is shaved off completely bald while the other side is allowed to retain all the hair, cut short and long in a trendy style. This style is further enhanced when the hair is colored interestingly

The Horseshoe style Head Shave

For some people whose hair is falling rapidly, the horse-shoe style is an ideal fashion. . The top part of the head is bald while all sides, in a semicircular fashion, are covered with hair, just like the shape of a horseshoe. With this style, do not try to cover the bald areas with hair combed across.

Be confident, avoid feeling embarrassed about the loss of hair, and you will notice that other people too will not bother about your hairstyle. For a more becoming style, shave the top of the head to remove straggling hair regions and also trim the hair in the sides of the head to a shorter length.  

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New Trends Of Head Shave Girls Parents Talks

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The bald look  Head Shave

An electric hair trimmer is used to shave all the hair completely from the head. A person with a head full of hair, a person whose hair-fall is severe, or a person who is balding, almost anyone can adopt this style. The trimmer should be taken from the front of the forehead to the rear of the neck.  

This is taking the trimmer against the direction of the growth of hair and so the hair is removed almost up to the roots. After using the trimmer, the remnant stubble that is visible can be clean-shaven with shaving cream and a regular razor. By shaving periodically the bald look can be maintained. 

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The mohawk style Head Shave

In this style, the hair in the middle of the scalp is kept intact and the hair on either side is shaved off. Though this can be done by oneself, it is much better if help is taken because it is difficult for a person to trim his own hair in a straight line. The true definition of a Mohawk style is when the hair between the pupils of a person’s eyes (from the forehead to the back of the neck up to its base) is left untouched and hair on all other sides of the scalp is shaved off.  

Once a shaved head style has opted for it is important to keep the scalp shaved properly so that the sloppiest look can be avoided. Head shaving is a relatively new trend. Though not many opt for it, some do go ahead and create interesting shaved head styles. The most common are the Mohawk look, the completely bald look, the horse-shoe style, and the punk style.

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