Weight loss Supplements Measurement

Weight loss Supplements

The field of weight loss supplements has been getting larger and larger, as Americans are struggling to lose weight. However, many of the supplements offered are scams. Although neatly packed and marketed, many of these products do not deliver when you step on the scales after a period of using them. This article aims at mentioning different supplements, and their advantages and disadvantages.

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The first field we should take into account is that of diet pills. There are zillions of pills offered which contain an innumerable amount of products, both natural and synthetic, that claim to enhance weight loss.


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Within this category, we can mention appetite suppressors, which contain natural and lab-made ingredients. One of the best-known natural ingredients for appetite suppressors is Hoodia, an extract from an African plant that has properties similar to those of glucose, which makes you feel satiated. Synthetic components include the now-banned ephedrine, dopamine, and serotonin. These pills can cause addiction, so be careful with their use. There are also fat-burning pills, such as those which contain Green Tea extract, diuretics (both natural and synthetic), laxatives, and more. They all work in a different part of the body, to a different degree. Some of these products, however, especially diuretics and laxatives, are quite dangerous. Apart from the obvious problem they pose (the often and repeated trips to the bathroom!), they can easily cause you to dehydrate, so be careful with the use of these products.

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Another common supplement to weight loss shakes. These come in the form of powders that you mix with water or milk, and are used to replace a whole meal. They are quite effective, but you must make sure not to overindulge in these shakes. You also need real food to lose weight. These shakes are good for people who like sweet foods and come in many flavors so people do not get bored. The main problem with them, however, is that sometimes they are not enough to make you feel satiated, so you need to be careful and not overeat during the next meal.

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Finally, we would like to mention power bars. Though these are not specifically targeted for weight loss, these power bars do give you a boost of energy. When on a diet, you must do some exercise, but if you do not seem to be able to work up the energy for that, well, then, here’s the solution.

We have reviewed some commonplace weight loss supplements that you can add to your diet to enhance and speed up weight loss. However, the basics of dieting still hold true. In order to lose weight you must cut down on the number of calories you eat per day, do some kind of exercise at least three times a week, and if you feel like it, choose one supplement among the millions out there to help speed things up. Always remember to consult your doctor before starting any diet or taking any supplement, and you will see results!

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