Weight Loss Body Wraps

Weight Body wraps have been used for centuries to improve circulation and eliminate excess water weight throughout the body for overall weight loss.   They are available in high-end spas everywhere and also for home use.  Body wraps are a natural, non-invasive alternative to all those costly and unsafe surgeries such as gastric bypass, liposuction, and abdominoplasty. However, body wraps can help you to lose weight only when they are used in combination with a healthy eating regimen and also in combination with regular exercise.

Waist Size Predicts Heart Disease Risk

Body wraps are bandages of elastic that are soaked in a variety of solutions such as herbal extracts, amino acids, and collagen solutions. These body wraps are used around high-fat areas of the body like the thighs and legs for achieving weight loss and fat reduction among other benefits.

Two Types of Weight Loss Body Wraps

  • The first type is “Water loss body wrap” and it works by opening your pores so as to better attract water to the surface to be dissipated thus removing inches from your waist and other problem areas where the water deposits.
  • The Second body wrap is “Infrared body wrap”. In this type of body wrap, you get wrapped in your sweats or any clothes that you want and you do not have to use messy creams. Also, it penetrates deeper and targets the fats and burn the calories in a faster way. Most importantly it is less expensive.

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Weight Loss Body Wraps – How does it work?

Weight loss body wraps work very much like the water loss body wraps, where it removes substances from your system to help you lose weight. Instead of excess water, these wraps help to expel toxins that have built up in your body, over a period of time. When the toxic water is expelled through the skin the cells within the body shrink and thus body weight decreases.

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The purpose of Weight Loss body Wraps

Weight Loss Body wraps are to aid and work with your body to increase the removal of the toxins from the fat cells of the body. Also, they need to expel them along with the other waste by-products. As the digestive system play an all-important role in this process, drinking plenty of fluids (especially water) will dramatically improve the speed and effectiveness of this process. The experts strongly feel that the weight loss wraps are to be used along with a regular exercise regime as well as a healthy diet.

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Advantages of Weight Loss Body Wraps

Most people think that Weight Loss Body Wraps are used only as a weight-loss system; however, it’s really got more benefits. The weight loss takes place over a few weeks.  For example, many use it for effective pain management, detoxification, stress management, relaxation, back pain, cramp relief, arthritis, shoulder stiffness, cellulites, muscle stiffness and menstrual cramps, bursitis, whiplash, etc.

The weight loss achieved by using body wraps may not last long. 

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