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Weight Loss After 50

The aging process can add unnecessary pounds to your weight mostly due to reduced muscle dexterity and slowed metabolism and menopause in women. Shedding the extra pounds may seem difficult but it is possible to lose weight after 50 in a healthy way without going on starving diets or surgery.

There are a few safe and easy steps like making changes in their diet and lifestyle; anyone can take without straining hard or starving to look and feel good by losing some weight. They are

  1. Eating a balanced diet with proper nutrition.
  2. Regular exercise at least thrice a week
  3. Positive attitude

Weight loss for women over 50 years

Women can make a few changes in their diet and lifestyle so that they can lose weight safely.  Jogging is a good way to burn fat easily. Brisk walking is another way to lose weight without much effort. Running and aerobics also give the same effect.  Make sure to drink lots of water after exercising and take enough rest.

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Acai Berry is known to be ideal to include in the diet for weight loss that suits women over 50.   It stimulates metabolism and helps in burning calories faster.  Moreover, it contains mood-enhancing ingredients too.  Eat more fiber diets such as green leafy vegetables and fruits promoting weight loss.  Eating smaller portions of meals is also helpful in losing weight.   Taking multivitamin supplements can also help as the aging body or health issues can hinder the absorption of nutrients from the normal food intake.

Weight loss for men over 50 years

Men find losing weight very challenging after the age of 50.  The changes in the body due to aging reduce lean muscle mass and also slow down the metabolic rate leading to the accumulation of fat in the body.  Weight gain is usually a slow process and is noticed only when it reaches higher proportions.  To reverse this weight gain changes in nutrition, especially protein intake are advised.  Men should take balanced nutrition coupled with controlled portions and proper physical activity.

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The daily protein requirement for men on average is about 150 to 180 grams.  You can find your own requirement and chalk out our nutrition plan accordingly. Dairy products like milk, yogurt, and cheese are good choices for getting protein. Avoid red meat, poultry, and fish and oily preparations like fried foods and sauces with excess oil use.  Beans are a good source of protein as they also provide enough fiber which is helpful in weight loss.  Knowing your calorific needs and sticking to a diet plan that ensures healthy weight loss is the easy and simple way to lose weight after 50.

In general eating smaller portions, choosing a healthy diet, exercising, and maintaining a positive mindset is an excellent methods of weight loss after 50.

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