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Weakness after delivery- Causes and ways to handle with it

Holding your tiny toddler in your arms is the best feeling ever. You are simply overjoyed. But giving birth is not at all easy, and post-delivery a mother’s life changes completely. Weakness after delivery becomes a common thing. This phase challenges her because it is the only time when exhaustion or irritability meets pleasure and happiness. After this, only a beautiful feature lies ahead. Post-pregnancy makes you feel tired and weak. There are some postpartum fatigue symptoms related to this. But there are some ways too, to cope with weakness after delivery.

Factors that Cause Weakness after delivery

Some postpartum fatigue symptoms and factors contributing to weakness after giving birth to a young one involve are: –

  1. In some women, a hyperactive thyroid gland may be the cause of the weakness after delivery. If you also have such a hyperactive thyroid gland, then it would be better to consult a doctor.
  2. Another postpartum fatigue symptoms are that sometimes labor goes on for hours and hours. It takes a lot of energy and strength in pushing the baby out, and the mother may be completely fatigued. Even the drugs used for pain may also tire her after delivery. A woman who undergoes caesarian delivery feels more tired even. This leads to even more weakness after delivery.
  3. The third postpartum fatigue symptoms leading to weakness after delivery is that breastfeeding may also leave you tired and drained. Since the baby gets all the essential nutrients from there only, this means that you need to consume more nutrients like vitamins, minerals, proteins to be energetic and meet your baby’s requirements too. Following a balanced diet is the key, as it won’t leave you fatigued and tired.
  4. The next postpartum fatigue symptoms are the loss of blood during delivery. This, in turn, can make you anemic, which is another factor behind making you feel tired and fatigued.
  5. Other postpartum fatigue symptoms are that postpartum depression is quite common among women. Fatigue is one of its symptoms, might make a woman feel tired, weak and fatigued, which is common in after the delivery phase.
  6. The last probable postpartum fatigue symptoms are that the baby needs to be fed every 2-3 hours. This means that even in the middle of the night if the baby cries, you have to wake up and attend your child. Hence, feeding the child every 2-3 hours may leave you sleepy, which is enough to make you tired and lifeless.

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Ways to cope with Weakness

Some amount of sleep deprivation among new moms is common. But, it is important to prevent fatigue from the starting itself, so that you don’t feel tired afterward. Thus, there are some ways to cope with weakness after delivery. The ways to treat weakness after delivery are as follows: –

  1. Share the duties– As you are the sole feeder of your child, it means that you can’t multitask at the same time. In this case, it would be better to talk with your partner and share the responsibilities accordingly. This is an effective way by which you can cope with weakness after delivery.
  2. Synchronize sleep schedules– It would be a good idea to prepare your sleep schedules according to your child’s sleeping times. In the starting, it will be difficult, but once you get habituated and know about your child’s sleeping schedules and for how long, you can change your routine accordingly. The best way to cope with weakness after delivery would be to sleep when your child falls asleep. In this way, you will get adequate sleep and your health also won’t be affected.
  3. Plan your day well– Another effective trick to cope with weakness after delivery is to plan all your important things. Because once you have made a schedule of your child’s sleep and for how many hours, it would be easy for you to manage all your works. Thus, you can manage your tasks, your baby and your sleep too.
  4. Get help– another way to cope with weakness after delivery is to ask your near and dear ones for essential help. There are so many things to get done, like cooking, cleaning, buying groceries, etc., for which an external help would be beneficial. Hence, if a little help can take off your weakness after delivery, then you shouldn’t shy away from taking help, because you need it.
  5. Try relaxation techniques– another tip on how to cope with weakness after delivery is to try different yoga poses which help your body to relax and give rest.
  6. Exercise– this is another beneficial way to cope with weakness after delivery. Getting a healthy walk will be good for both you and your baby, as this will provide you some fresh air and make you feel relaxed.
  7. Follow a balanced diet– another way to shun away weakness after delivery is to eat healthy food and exercise also to stay healthy and happy. You might feel weak and tired post delivery, which is quite common. The best way out for this would be to include the right amount of vitamins and nutrients to help you get back in a better way.
  8. Stay hydrated– drinking water has always proved to be beneficial. This is, hence the best option to remove your weakness after delivery. Water will help you to stay energized the whole day and replace all the lost fluids.

Wrapping Up

It’s natural to feel fatigued after delivery, just like the above mentioned postpartum fatigue symptoms. Healing from childbirth, taking care of your newborn, producing all the vital nutrients for the baby in the breast milk, and breastfeeding every 2-3 hours throughout the day and night requires a great amount of energy. Besides these, taking care of the household activities too, it is evident that you will feel weak and tired eventually. Therefore, there are many essential and helpful ways to bring you back into the original phase soon.

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