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Vitamins And Skin Care

Just as Vitamins are capable of boosting your physiological health, they are also invaluable when it comes to keeping your skin looking good.  There are several processes that Vitamins can accomplish to keep you looking and feeling good.

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Vitamins can

  • Stimulate collagen production
  • Provide the goodness of antioxidants
  • Help in reducing inflammation
  • Suppress surplus pigmentation
  • Retard bruising of the skin

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Choose the right product

The best way to identify the cream that is most suitable for your skin is to consult a cosmetologist in the first place.  He/She can recommend the right combination of Vitamins and minerals that go into making a cream or lotion that is effective for you.

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Skin Firming Lotion

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Did you know that most of the Vitamin supplementation that we take orally remains in the intestine without moving further?  The chances of Vitamins (that we have swallowed) to reach their benefits to an external organ, like skin, are pretty slim.  Vitamins reach the skin via creams, serum, and gels.  There are several hundreds of cosmetic products that assure you of their effective Vitamin content.  However, the Vitamin content is restricted to 4 to 5 % in most products.  20% Vitamins in creams is the ideal measure to make the cream beneficial for your skin.

Each person has different requirements for skin health.  For instance, a person may need Vitamin A to help cure acne while another may need Vitamin C to lighten the skin and clear spots.  Choose the right type of local application cream, depending on what skin problem vitamins have to cater to.

If the Vitamin lotion is thick and creamy it is not as well absorbed by the skin as a thin lotion would be.  So it is important to buy a skincare product that is thinner inconsistency.  As a general rule, buy a product that comes in a tube rather than a container as the latter is at risk for being oxidized during exposure and losing its effectiveness in the process.   However, you can make an exception when you want to buy pure aloe vera gel in a jar.  Aloe vera is so good for your skin that this rule does not apply to it!

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How each Vitamin helps

  • Vitamin A has excellent anti-aging properties; it protects and moisturizes the skin besides regenerating cells
  • Biotin is an important Vitamin B complex nutrient that forms the foundation for skin, nails, and hair.  Creams and lotions containing Vitamin B can help give that healthy glow to your skin.  Vitamin B-rich products also help moisturize the skin and maintain an even tone.  Lack of this Vitamin can lead to a horde of skin problems including hair loss and dermatitis
  • Vitamin C creams can, on local application, help lighten dark regions on the skin and saves the skin from damage caused by free radicals
  • Ingredients containing Vitamin E  in skin creams can help retard the aging process, provide effective antioxidants for improving skin health and defend the cells from damage
  • Vitamin F can moisturize the skin, slow down the process of aging, formation of lines and wrinkles, and protect cells
  • Vitamin K in unison with Vitamin A can help reduce dark circles below the eyes and heal bruises.

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