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Vitamin K Rich Foods And Health Benefits

Vitamin K is a vitamin that plays a very important role in the clotting of blood. People who are on the long-term courses of antibiotics may especially need the supplementation of Vitamin K-rich foods. Yet other populations of people who may categorically need the adequate quantities of Vitamin K-rich foods include newborn babies, people with different intestinal conditions, etc. However, very rarely the deficiencies related to Vitamin K have been reported.

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Vitamin K has been called a coagulation or blood clotting vitamin. It has been found in different forms. In total, three different forms of vitamin K have been reported. Two of these forms are fat-soluble and are stored in the liver while one of the forms is water-soluble in nature. The prime function that is played by Vitamin K is in the formation of blood clots so that bleeding can be stemmed, thus administration of Vitamin K-rich foods becomes important in those who are deficient in this vitamin.

This vitamin essentially plays an integral role in the different chemical reactions which change prothrombin in the blood to thrombin thus ultimately resulting in the formation of a blood clot. It is essential as, without the same, a hemorrhage may occur. Thus, supplementation of Vitamin K-rich foods should be ensured in those who are deficient in Vitamin K.

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Some of the Vitamin K is manufactured by the intestinal bacteria present in the human body but the major chunk of it has to come in the form of Vitamin K-rich foods. Therefore, it is extremely important to maintain an adequate supply of Vitamin K-rich foods.

Newborn babies are at risk of bleeding especially in the brain and other vital organs. This is because at the birth stage, there are low levels of Vitamin K in the blood and also enough intestinal bacteria are also not present in the body to synthesize vitamin K. Therefore, it becomes important that Vitamin K is supplied from outside. Therefore, an injection of Vitamin K is generally given when the babies are just born because only a little of it is actually supplied in the breast milk. There are other groups of individuals who are also at an increased risk of Vitamin K deficiency are those with intestinal disorders such as Crohn’s disease. The presence of intestinal disorders is actually responsible for inhibiting the production of Vitamin K in the body, therefore it needs to be supplemented from the outside. Yet other types of disorders which may be associated with Vitamin D deficiency include conditions such as gallstones which primarily block the bile-absorbing Vitamin K from the intestines. Liver cirrhosis and hepatitis may also produce Vitamin K deficiency states. These individuals may be supplemented with synthetic tablets of Vitamin K and Vitamin K-rich foods.

Some healthcare authorities recommend the use of additional Vitamin K in the form of Vitamin K-rich foods which can help in managing the unpleasant problem of persistent nosebleeds.

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Vitamin K-rich foods are helpful as they provide the essential nutrient for promoting good health. It is important for different individuals suffering from intestinal disorders or Vitamin D deficiency states to have adequate knowledge about Vitamin K-rich foods. This is because then they will be able to plan their diet more appropriately in accordance with their nutritional needs. At the same, for another set of individuals, it may be important to prevent the intake of Vitamin K-rich foods so as to avoid suffering from different types of health problems.

In Vitamin K deficiency states, it is important to ingest Vitamin K-rich foods to the extent of 65 to 120 micrograms daily. This is important because in addition to the functions related to proper blood clotting but it is also instrumental in keeping the blood vessels flexible and healthy. Additionally, it also contributes to effectively regulating the proper development of the bones. Examples of Vitamin K-rich foods include green leafy vegetables such as spinach, Brussels sprouts, broccoli, asparagus, lettuce, etc. There are several other Vitamin K-rich foods available. However, an intelligent supplementation of the same should be ensured.

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Lack of Vitamin K may be associated with different types of health problems such as Osteoporosis, excessive hemorrhaging, potential birth defects and physical deformations related to bone growth. Not only this, but Vitamin K deficiency also leads to hardened as well as inflexible arteries and can also become a cause for atherosclerosis.

But at the same time, those individuals who consume Vitamin K-rich foods in excessive quantity may be in danger of having thickened blood and thus they may be at risk of diseases such as heart attacks, stroke, and other vascular problems.


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