Vegetarian Diet Plan

While a Vegetarian diet plan would ideally suit vegetarians as it is close to what they eat regularly, it can offer good benefits for non-vegetarians too. The advantage of a Vegetarian diet plan is the consumption of vegetables and fruits which are high in fiber, vitamins, and minerals. At the same time, fat, cholesterol, and calories are very less too. So, when a person diets on vegetarian food, he will enjoy dual benefits: adding less fat & calories and at the same time more healthy nutrients to the body.

A vegetarian diet does not automatically mean that it is low in calories as milk products and some other types of food like nuts are actually high in fat content. So, if you are really conscious about your body fat, you have to choose low-fat food among the choices that vegetarian food offers. As being a vegetarian is generally considered to be a much healthier alternative, your decision to be vegetarian and follow a diet plan that will help you to stay in shape will prove excellent benefits in the long run.

You can drink soy milk instead of full–fat milk as soy is a rich protein source. Alternatively, you can include skimmed milk. For meeting the protein needs of the body, you can also include peas, beans, and various nuts like almonds and walnuts. Nuts are rich sources of vitamins and will help in the efficient functioning of your body. Whole-grain foods, vegetables, fruits, and water will help you to stay and feel full and therefore acts as a solution for avoiding feeling hungry.


When you diet on vegetarian food, make sure that you include all types of food in moderation. You should consume plant oils and seeds as their nutritional value is high. You can also eat the whites of eggs if you prefer it. You should try simple recipes that are tasty so that you do not feel that you are on a diet. If you like salads, you can include them often in your diet but avoid high-calorie dressing in the salads. If you like fruit juices, do not add refined sugar to them as you will lose the purpose of your diet plan.

You can also snack on vegetable soups especially during winter as it will prevent you from snacking on unhealthy snack items. You will also feel warm and comfortable. You will be glad to know that you are reducing the risk of heart diseases as you are consuming less cholesterol and fat. Fat deposits in the arteries of the heart can result in reduced blood supply to the heart paving way for heart attacks. These deposits worsen with time as a person continues with an unhealthy diet. You can include oats in your breakfast plan as they can flush out cholesterol from your system.

If you gain success in reducing weight by following a vegetarian diet, you will even feel motivated to continue it throughout your life. You have to first concentrate on sticking to a healthy vegetarian diet plan.

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