Valerian roots

Valerian Roots Side Effects

Despite the benefits that are associated with the use of the Valerian roots, the side effects can not be overlooked. The herb is a perennial root with an effective herbal remedy with side effects on top of it. Among the side effects that are possible with the use of the valerian roots are headaches, stomach upset, and morning drowsiness. The side effects can be of a serious magnitude that they may require medical attention immediately. The valerian root is also said to have more serious side effects that include allergic reactions and signs of having damage to the liver. A long time usage of the Valerian root causes Insomnia and excitability too.

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It is believed that valerian root is used as a supplement and shows to be useful in insomnia treatment. While it is understood to cure insomnia and anxiety, it can also cause insomnia, excitability, and uneasiness. There are major side effects some of which occur after abruptly stopping valerian root. Most of the side effects once experienced should be reported quickly for medical attention. Some of these side effects may include: headaches, signs of liver damage, allergic reactions signs, morning drowsiness, etc. It is important to alert your healthcare provider of any side effects you experience after using any supplement. This is because he/she may not predict side effects that may arise from taking a medicine that you have never tried.

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However, it is uncertain how valerian root helps in calming but several theories try to explain. One theory shows that the medicinal properties of valerian influence the brain that makes the brain calm down also relaxing muscles causing the usual occurrence of sleep. Another theory suggests that it works just like the drug called valium but it has no bad side effects. Even though it has many side effects some specialists claim that it has no addiction and it will not make you feel like being too tired in the morning. Most specialists feel that it is secure to take the recommended dosage, that is, between 250mg to 500mg per day. Some of the valerian roots side effects, when taken in high dosage, may include the following: vomiting, headache, heart palpitations (an unusual awareness of the heartbeat), and liver toxicity. It is safe for those people who are on medication to contact a physician before taking any supplement. It is not recommended to use valerian when one is pregnant. It is also not good to use valerian together with tranquilizers, antidepressants, and/or barbiturates. 

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In some case studies, valerian has shown to be helpful in reducing the time that is being taken before one falls asleep. It is common to note some side effects after taking valerian since it relaxes the central nervous system. Other side effects may include: difficulty concentrating, feeling sleepy during the day, unable to be alert during the day, difficulty with short-term memory. In order to escape these, valerian should be taken one hour before going to bed. It is believed to sleep six to eight hours after taking it. As it affects the central nervous system, valerian should be used carefully and that means should be gradually stopped after two weeks. Avoid using it for some weeks before using it again. Never use valerian with alcohol or any other illegal drugs. It is important to avoid depending on valerian when you are unable to sleep. Therefore, rarely use it whenever it is possible. 

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There are unusual side effects that have been reported with the withdrawal of valerian root. Signs of allergic reactions have also been found as part of the valerian side effects, rash, swelling of the mouth and the throat, itching make a list of the allergic reactions. Larger doses have been cited as the main reason behind the side effects of the valerian root. Most of the side effects are a result of the tranquilizer property which is found in the herb. Despite many people liking the wild scent of the valerian root, many others happen to find the smell unpleasant. There has also been reported a suicide attempt by a massive overdose of the valerian root dose.

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