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Use of Fertility Calendar in Infertility Treatment

A fertility calendar or ovulation calculator calendar is a quite helpful tool using which a woman can determine her fertile days for having sexual intercourse with her partner. It is also quite beneficial in improving fertility. Apart from that it also notifies you when you should anticipate the first signs and symptoms of your pregnancy. For using a fertility calendar one only needs to record her luteal phase or the duration of her menstrual cycle. However, these values can be left to their default values but that would not generate the exact results. You can also set a field for gender preference if you have one.

Numerous women make use of the fertility calendar to observe their fertile periods. Those couples, who are facing difficulties in getting pregnant, can make use of this tool to smartly tackle their problem. A fertility calendar assists and makes the task of getting pregnant easier and quicker than too in a natural way by constantly keeping a watch on the fertile days of a female partner.

Ovulation is the most fertile period during which a woman can easily and quickly get pregnant. Usually, ovulation occurs after the menstrual cycle, and this is the reason it is advised to keep a check over the menstrual cycle when you desire to get pregnant.

A good fertility calendar is quiet helpful in recording details about the period of menstruation, the real duration of periods along with the duration of ovulation. Generally, it is advised to keep a record of at least three months so that it can be easy to determine your stable and average menstrual cycles and periods. Generally the average duration of menstrual cycle is twenty eight days and that of menstrual period is not more than a week.


One of the techniques to check out the ovulation period is to anticipate your ovulation approximately fourteen formers to your next period. This can help you estimate when the next period is due and one can plan accordingly in that direction.

Additionally, a fertility calendar can help you predict the gender of the baby or help you plan for a preferred gender. A woman only carries X chromosomes while a man carries both X as well as Y chromosomes. It only depends upon a man whether the offspring produced will be a baby boy or a baby girl. When a man’s X chromosome combines with a woman’s X chromosome a baby girl is produced. So for a girl, the combination is XX while it is XY for a boy.

Those sperms that contain a Y chromosome inside themselves do not stay alive for a long period while sperms containing the X chromosome can stay alive for a longer period inside the woman’s body after the ejaculation. Also, the sperms containing Y chromosomes can swim swifter than the sperms containing the X chromosome. If you start understanding this phenomenon and follow it accordingly you can plan for a particular gender of the child or can predict the gender of the child.

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