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Unique Maternity Photoshoot ideas

Congratulations to both of you and welcome the new member of your family with lots of happiness and enthusiasm. The nine-month is a special period for the couples and they experience a lot of things during this time. Now a day the Photoshoot with a Baby bump is very popular. And according to me, this is a great idea to capture your moments which is very special. You can express your feeling through Maternity Photoshoot poses. You can show your experience with creative Maternity Photoshoot ideas. You can use various Maternity Photoshoot dresses, Maternity Photoshoot props and various Maternity Photoshoot accessories.

The Maternity Photoshoot can be done from the starting of the month so that you can capture the changes in the body. The shoot can be divided into trimesters or after every two months. This will capture all the changes in your body. There are many more creative and unique ideas that will make your Maternity Photoshoot amazing. Check out Maternity Photoshoot ideas:

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Maternity Photoshoot Poses

  • Pregnancy is special for both the couple but remember that to be a mom should feel extra special touch and care during Photoshoot. Don’t forget to shoot her alone poses with a baby bump. This will make her feel unique and amazing.
  • The to be parents can talk with their baby in the womb and express different feelings like smiling, shocking, happy and the expressions you give while talking to the babies.
  • Ask your photographer to take your close-up poses, full length, and mid-length poses. This will give a look to your photographs.
  • Ask your husband to touch your belly and feel the baby. He is going to be a super dad so he also needs attention in the photographs.
  • If this is your second baby then you should include the older baby in Photoshoot. The elder one also wants to welcome the sibling. Ask him/her to talk with your belly or to touch the belly. I assure you that this is going to be the most emotional part of your Photoshoot.
  • Don’t try to copy the pose of other pregnant ladies because the body of every person is different. Give the pose in which you are comfortable with your baby bump.
  • Remember one thing that doesn’t give the serious poses as directed by your photographers. Make it fun and enjoy giving it an original look.

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Maternity Photoshoot dresses

After your pregnancy, your wardrobe is almost rejected. You have nothing to fit in your new body. So waiting for what, go and shop some new outfits that will also help in the Maternity Photoshoot dress.

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  • Try to wear comfortable clothes whether it is for Photoshoot or for new maternity dresses. Avoid such attire and don’t waste your money in the outfits in which you are uncomfortable.
  • Choose vibrant colours for the Photoshoot. The dark and bright colours give a look at the photographs.
  • Try to grab the dresses in which your baby bump will be seen properly. As it is a Maternity Photoshoot so you need to expose your belly for a more glamorous look in the shoot.
  • If you don’t buy the dresses especially for a shoot then you can also take them on rents. This will be more budgeted to you is because if you will not wear the dresses after delivery then that will be totally wasted.
  • You can choose the different themes of dresses like western, sporty, traditional, official and casual ones. This is your Pregnancy Photoshoot so wear whatever you like to wear.

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Maternity Photoshoot Props

There are many interesting props that will make Photoshoot more attractive and unique.

  • You can use the tiny shoes, baby clothes and toys to add in the photoshoot. This will give a new look to your photos.
  • Take a shot in which you and your hubby standing side by side and the tiny shoes in between you and your hubby’s feet. Ask the photographer to take a close shot of it.
  • Hold the toys and baby accessories near your baby bump to add a charm in the pictures.
  • Add different quotes and compliments on the board near belly which will look more creative and different.
  • Wrap different props and accessories around the belly and give a different pose.
  • You can add a number of baby pictures around you to make your shoot more fabulous.
  • Various colours of balloons can also be added in the photoshoot with blowing air so that it will look amazing and different. You and your partner stand in between the balloons and tell your hubby to talk with your belly.
  • You can ask your photographer to add some of your baby shower pictures in the album which will give a different look to your maternity shoot album.

The maternity Photoshoot is very trending nowadays and everyone wants to lock their cherished memories in the camera. Try to have fun during the shoots. We have given you some of the best and unique ideas about Maternity Photoshoot which you can apply during your photoshoot. Else your photographer will be always there to advise you the best and unique pose to make your photoshoot more creative.

Always make sure to choose the photographer according to your budget. There are many photographers who charge a lot so you research and ask various photographers to make your shoot budgeted. Watch their previous work and the feedback of their clients then only choose the photographer to make your shoot successful.


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