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Ultimate 20 Bedtime Stories For Children

As parents we are not in a condition to deny for the sweet things such as storytelling to our children and the fact that you are so tired from all-day work would be forgotten when it comes to storytelling because it is the special bonding time of parents and children. Storytelling is a skill and when it comes to the little ones that the story should always end in a moral because when the children start believing in the characters, they also wish to behave the same way and ultimately adopt the same morals in their daily life.  It is also a very important time for the parents to ask the children about their feelings.

Here are some famous bedtime stories that might help you to achieve the same goal.

Sam McBratney’s book- Guess How Much I Love You:

As a parent sometimes it feels very difficult to connect with the children and you want them to express their feelings. Children are very emotional and therefore after knowing the way the character of the stories are behaving they also share their love and affection. The story is about the two rabbits who are trying to measure their love for each other.

Peace at Last by Jill Murphy

We have brought the piece from the famous bedtime stories where the bear longs to find a peaceful place to sleep and finds it at the end.

Sandra Boynton – The Going to Bed Book

The next in the collection of bedtime stories for children is the going to bed book where the child comes to know what he or she should do before going to sleep that is after nightfall. The novel is medium to teach necessary habits to children.

Is It Bedtime Wibbly Pig? By Mick Inkpen

Next is from the funny bedtime stories for the kids where the little pigs make excuses because h does not want to sleep. The novel is structured in such a way that the narrator asks a question that is answered by the character.

Goodnight Gorilla by Peggy Rathmann

The above is a part of classic bedtime’s stories for kids. If you want that your children go to sleep after a great laugh and wake up flash acquaint them with the naughty Gorilla who roams around in the zoo at night and play tricks.

Interrupting Chicken by David Ezra Stein

The story is of a red chicken to whim his father is reading out a story and he is so eager to finish the story that he interrupts the story very often giving it a funny twist.

Skippyjon Jones by Judith Byron Schachner

It is a story of a cat that has very big ears that almost make the cat look like a Chihuahua. The story is adventurous because of the wild ideas the cat has throughout the story.

I’m bored by Michael Ian Black

Here is another story from the funny bedtime stories for the kids where the girl feels bored but soon starts to have a conversation with a potato giving it a unique angle.

B.J Novak- The Book with No Pictures

The book is a box of laughter, although it has no picture it has words and sounds that the reader have to make and after hearing them you are bound to laugh.

Charlie Cook’s Favourite Book by Julia Donaldson

The story is liked by the children very much because the characters talk about their favourite books and feel like you have read a number of stories in a single book.

Sofia the First by Catherine Hapka

The story is loved too by the children because a girl from a poor family becomes a princess after her mother marries a king and she faces a complete transition in her life.

Princess Jasmine’s Story

It is another interesting story where the princess finds true love outside the four boundaries of the palace.

The Dragon and the Princess

The story I very interesting as you rarely find a princess that hates to be a princess and asks a dragon to kidnap her and at the end of the story the dragon and princess exchange there place with each other and everyone becomes happy.

The Princess and the Pea

The story makes your children believe that the princesses are delicate. Here a young bring comes for a search of a real princess but could not find one but later on, a girl comes to his place and turns out to be the real princess.

The Paper Bag Princess

The story brings out the fact that intelligence and courage are important for a princess as beauty.

Mickey, Minnie and the Gingerbread House

Have you read the story Hansel and Gretal, the above story is just the Disney version of the same but more interactive.

The Lion King

The Disney story is about a lion cub that is separated from his parents and goes on the adventures alone and finally meets with the parents at the end.

Mother Bruce by Ryan T. Higgins

Here you will find bears opposite of their natural character angry rather than being calm which gives the story a different and interesting edge.

George and Martha by James Marshall

The above series have five stories of two friends that help your children learn everything about love and friendship.

Poindexter Makes a Friend by Mike Twohy

The story can help your child overcome shyness because the story is about a shy child who later on makes a lot of friends for himself.


As parents, it is your moral duty that the best stories reach to your children which contain moral, joyfulness, excitement and the understanding that everything becomes right at the end if we are honest and follow the right things.

The above collection has it all from the funny collection of stories to the stories that transport you to the world of prince and princesses and allows your child to have a new friend in the form of the story characters.

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