Types Of Parenting Styles

Your parenting style has a direct effect on children and their development. The approach depends on the personal experience, psychology, and individual ideologies of parents. The upbringing of parents too plays a subconscious role as a parent and is a major influence on children as they grow. The way you deal with your kids forms a blueprint on their minds and shapes their character and personality. The way you discipline your child and instill values in them says a lot about your style of parenting. Listed here are parenting styles that describe how parents approach nurturing their children.

  1. Authoritarian Style

An esoteric and old-school style of parenting that follows the patriarchal mode of parenting is the authoritarian style. Children do not have a voice to express themselves with these types of parents. The child is never given a logical reason behind following any rule and is never encouraged to show their individuality. This is a terrible parenting style in today’s world where children binge on start-ups and seeking independence at an early age. Authoritarian parents do not like independent thinking in their children and subconsciously shrink their hopes and dreams.

Children of such parents are usually emotionally hung-up and do not have a way to express their emotions, because their emotions and feelings are sidelined in the name of discipline and following rigid rules. They never teach children to solve problems on their own. If the child has a creative mind, these are the type of parents who pretty much squash the dreams and creativity in their children.

Children are afraid to make mistakes under their parenting style and are often seen as anxious-prone adults who develop escapist tendencies later on. This is one of the most unhealthy parenting styles that most of the millennials had to deal with and is one of the classic faux paus that is, fortunately, no more in vogue with today’s parent’s style of parenting.

Children under their parenting develop problems with confidence, self-esteem, and are never happy or satisfied with them. They lack the feeling of self-love which is pretty much the foundation of building assertiveness and decision making in various aspects of life. Children under the rule of strict parents end up becoming liars to avoid punishment or any adverse situations. They could resort to wrongdoings and lead a double life because making mistakes was shunned during their growing years.

  1. Assertive Parenting

In this style of parenting, you are maintaining your authority as well as creating a balance between your relationships with the child and taking care of their emotional and psychological needs by providing them with understanding and love. Your style of discipline is not strict and you allow them to make mistakes while you are reasonable with everything you say to them. They are not asked to blindly follow your rules, ‘Because you said so.’

Your children love and respect you. They also feel comfortable expressing their feelings, thoughts, fears, and share everything with you. You are able to create a healthy bond with your children in this type of parenting and also teach your kids good values, build their character with reason. You are their best life coach and a go-to person from whom they learn and seek balance.

These types of parents always consider the feelings of their children before making decisions or laying down some rules. They are invested in their children to give them the best guidance, analyzing their behavior, and other problems, and providing the best solutions that are beneficial for them in every way.

This is the best parenting style because no rule is enforced and children are given the freedom to follow rules with reason with no disregard for their emotions. They raise their children with praise and show appreciation for all the good things that make them feel good about themselves.

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  1. Lenient Parenting Style

These parents are very forgiving and can put up with their children’s annoying behavior without correcting it when needed. They are rarely strict and hardly let their children know the consequence of their attitude or behavior. They never interfere in the lives of their children unless there is a serious problem. They could spoil their children with pampering and give them a lot of freedom.

Children grow up in a healthy environment with this style of parenting. This is one of the best approaches towards children which helps them grow into healthy individuals emotionally, psychologically, and spiritually. These types of parents are very friendly and their children completely confide in them without having any fear.

Children can openly talk to them about any problems and form a strong bond with their parents. They lack correcting bad behaviours or bad choices children make and let them learn on their own. This could sometimes have a bad effect on the lives of their children. Nevertheless, this is one of the healthiest parenting styles that can be adopted to develop children with a sound mind and emotional well-being.

  1. Indifferent Parenting Style

These are either very busy parents and certainly the kind who are too involved in their own problems and lives and ignore all the responsibility that comes with taking care of children. They never question the performance of their children at school, advice, or reprimand them. They are just indifferent to the emotions, well-being, problems, and progress of their children. The child develops their own ideology without a guideline whether it is good or bad behaviour.

The children of these types of parents do not get the attention of their parents or advice and guidance. Though their negligence might not be intentional, guidance and nurturing are what the children miss in their growing years from these types of parents. They might be uninvolved due to their alcoholism or mental ailments and end up ignoring the growing needs of their children. They do not know what is going on with their children and are not involved in helping them make any critical decisions in life.

Children grow up as unhappy individuals with behavioral problems. It could lead to a lot many serious issues later if they are left unchecked. They struggle with a lot of emotional and psychological issues and might have absurd ideologies about seemingly normal things.

Final Word

Children get influenced by many things emotionally and at a subconscious level in their growing years. All that they experience is registered in their subconscious right from an early stage. It is essential that parents develop a parenting style that lets them bond with their children and bring out the best in them.

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