Tummy Tucks After Pregnancy

It is life’s supreme joy to give birth to a baby. But after that, we return to normal life and feel the need to have our body as before. Sometimes, the extra fat and the skin below the belly button remains as it is especially after giving birth to 2 or 3 babies. Even exercise, a healthy diet, and breastfeeding help to reduce the calories or the fat. If at all the belly is not reduced after 6 months of pregnancy, then we require some help like exercises to be worked on.

Tummy tucks are done after pregnancy in order to remove the skin and the fat accumulated in the belly which tightens abdominal fascia. This helps in flattening the tummy and in narrowing the waistline since tissues are removed in excess. This is usually in the surgical center or in the hospital with general anesthesia, and a one-day stay is necessary for this. They remove the unnecessary tissues for at least 1- 4 hours. Once after removing the tissue, 1 or 2 drains are placed under the skin by the cosmetic surgeon. This drain prevents the fluid or the water pooling below the skin that helps in removing excess fluid. A scar is seen on the underwear line or below the bikini.

Beautiful Slim Woman In Perfect Body Shape Holding Skin On Belly

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‘Mini tummy tucks’ does the same as that of tummy tucks, but this is focused only on the lower abdomen, down of belly button. Tummy tuck which is full works on the entire abdomen till the ribs. ‘Mini tummy tucks’ are always done on an outpatient basis, often with 4 sedations and the local anesthetic. A small scar is left below the abdomen like that of the ‘Full tummy tuck’. A tummy tuck is combined with the procedures of Tubal ligation which means tying the tubes. This can be done, if we do not require pregnancy in the future. At the time of Tummy tuck, Tubal ligation can also be done, this is called Hysterectomy.

During a tummy tuck, fatty acids can be removed and the same procedure is applied to the Liposuction. Tummy tucks do not remove any of the stretch marks instead it moves them lower. If at all the fat is very thick in the above abdomen, a tummy tuck does not help. At this time, Liposuction comes into the picture. At the start, there will be a lot of swelling, numbness, and pain, but no bruising. Too much of Liposuction is harmful and leads to the problem in blood circulation. The drains and bandages are applied by the plastic-surgeons. Pain is always there in tummy tucks and the surgeons will always prescribe the painkiller and will suggest us to take that for a week.

Woman squeezing belly fat around belly button

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Swelling should reduce within 5-6 weeks, perhaps within 2 weeks. Numbness may last for several months which are not the permanent ones. Drains are removed once the drainage alleviates up after few days or it might extend to a week or two. Bandages can be removed after 3-4 days. We often feel like resting at this time, so opt to lie down comfortably to feel relaxed.

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