Top Universities In Canada

Top Universities In Canada For Indian Students

Canada has become the most sought after country for getting a higher education. Every year thousands of Indian students admit in Canada’s top universities. Primarily because Canada’s education system is extremely impressive with high student graduates over the years. This is why the country has ranked no. 1 in providing the best quality of life for the last two consecutive years.

People are considering Canada over multiple other countries for their future prospects. Now many Indian students studying in various cities across Canada are getting encouraged to migrate there in search of opportunities. 

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Most of the time you will see study permits trending in Ontario. As it is home to the top 5 institutions in Canada. This is why nearly half of the Indian students residing in Canada studies at Ontario. Here, you will see a majority of the best Canadian universities for Indian students have a headquarter or at least a single campus situated in Ontario. 

1. Conestoga College Kitchener

This college is situated in Ontario. Over the years, Conestoga College has become the number 1 choice by Indian students for higher education. Approximately 8,000 Indian students got accepted at the college last year. Having almost tripled its acceptance rate of Indian nationals from 2018 to 2020. 

Conestoga College Kitchener

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2. St Clair College

St. Clair College is located in Windsor, Ontario. Another great college opted by many Indians over the years. St. Clair added approximately 5000 new students previous year. With the continuing growth of Indian immigrants the college is showing increasing rate of Indian acceptance rate as well. Having already doubled its admission rate from 2018 to 2020.

St Clair College

3. University of Windsor 

University of Windsor is considered one of the best Canadian University for Indian students. Again with the location Ontario, the University of Windsor has accepted approximately 1,712 new Indian graduates in the last year’s head count. This has increased there admission rate for Indian 45% more since 2018. Since both University of Windsor and St. Clair has high acceptance rate and great education quality for graduates. They have become Canada’s leading institutions for Indian enrolment. While making city Ontario, the favourite destination among many Indian students across the country.

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4. Kwantlen Polytechnic University

A public university situated in Metro Vancouver. Kwantlen Polytechnic University have issued enrollment of 1,305 Indian students last year.  Which indicates a good statistics for Indian graduates however, the acceptance rate has declined 50 % since 2017. Back then Kwantlen Polytechnic University stood at no. 1, for universities with the highest acceptance rate for Indian nationals.

Kwantlen Polytechnic University

5. Herzing College

Herzing College is located in Montreal, Quebec. This college included 1,879  new Indian students in 2020. Which indicated a tremendous increase in its acceptance ratio from 2018. When it only admitted 35 new students in its batch. It’s Montreal location has made it eligible for the post graduation work permit program (pgwp) in Canada. Which has given it a nudge over other colleges among many Indian students as well.

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6. Algoma University

Another addition to the Ontario list of great universities is Aloma university. The University that was once only sought by 8 Indian students in 2017 has increased its acceptance rate to 1,059 last year. This astounding  growth becomes even more impressive due to Algoma being the smallest university of Ontario.

7. Yorkville University

Situated in Toronto the Yorkville University has attained his charm through its affiliation with the Toronto Film School. Considered one of the best University in Canada and world. Yorkville admitted approximately 2800 new students from Indian background in 2020. This Canadian University has ranked the highest, in number of Indian national students admitted in a single batch in any university of Canada. With its different campuses situated in Vancouver  Toronto, New Brunswick and Fredericton. Combined together these campuses has welcomed over 2500 Indian students in 2 years.

Yorkville University

8. Lambton College

Lambton College is situated in Ontario.  It has added over 4,655 new Indian nationals last year. Representing a dip in the admission rate of Indian students by 37.8% in the Lambton College from the past two years. This college was known to be the number 1 destination for higher education amongst Indians all across the country until very recently when its numbers started to drop in 2020.

9. Northern College 

Northern College is located in North-eastern Ontario. A comparatively smaller college than the one previously mentioned in this list. Northern College has still accomplished in being the number one leader for enrolling Indian students , despite having only 1,700 full time seats in one batch . This indicates how the college focuses more on International graduates. Making it a great choice for immigrants from all lands. In 2019, Northern College gave 3,766 new study permits to Indian students, including numerous part times.

 10. CDI College

CDI College located in Montreal has its 23 branches all over the country. You can get enrolled in CDI college from Alberta, Ontario and British Columbia etc. The college has recruited 2,183 Indian students at one of their many campuses scattered across Canada last year.  They primarily offer business, health programs and technology. Which has increased their acceptance rate by 2,000 students more in just past couple of years.

CDI College

Of course, you might see a drastic reduction in acceptance rate of Indian students in 2021, due to COVID-19. However, that doesn’t speak for the quality of education provided by the institution.

Moreover, another important thing to keep in mind while applying to a Canadian University is the cost of living and expenses. It will be the main concerns for many individuals before they plan on attending a foreign university. So before you decide on which university to apply, make sure you estimate expenses like accommodation, food, travel, tuition fees and health coverage etc. You can expect a total 21,000 CAD to 66,500 CAD expenditure. Depending on which state and college you prefer, and there are many scholarships available for foreign students you might want to keep your eyes open for.

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