Facing Troubles with Your Teenager Kids? Top 7 Ways to Parent Teenagers the Right Way

A person falls within the age of 13 to 19 is considered as a teenager. Teenage is the tine of adolescence which is a transitional phase from adulthood to childhood. In this time a teen goes through growth spurts and puberty changes. So automatically it brings some changes to their thinking and behaviour. Since in this time period teenagers move to a greater independence it is very natural for them to be resistant to parental rules. But you should always remember that their behaviour is highly connected to their bonds with their parents. Good relationships between the parents and teenagers is correlated with personal happiness and achievements. But if you have a bad or conflictual relationship with your teenager kids it will lead them to early sexual activities, drug and alcohol addiction, violence which may ends with committing suicide.

Here we discuss 7 effective ways to parent your teenager kids in right way.

1. Be open and friendly

Every teenagers seeks for security, appreciations and emotional support from parents. They also need to feel independent sometimes. So you have to open enough to know what they are craving for. Never try to take advantage of the role of parents. Rather try to navigate your closeness such a way that your teenage kid is more likely to open up and share things with you. Showing some empathy towards their perspectives in spite of interrogation can help to build up a mutual respect. It is also your duty to make your kids aware about the worst side of drugs, driving and premarital sex.

2. Be the role model

Always remember that you will get in return exactly what you show your teenager kids. If you show respect for them they will give it back to you. Your actions speak louder than your words to help your kids to adopt the good moral and ethical values. Also you have to make yourself understand that parents cannot know everything the best. They also have mistaken. So be real to your kids and do not hesitate to apologize when appropriate. If they have the role models from the early time they will be less likely to have wrong decisions in future.


3. Set rules and regulations in advance

Teenage is the time when your kids go through a lot of transformations. They may tend to be rebel and ignorant to your limitations. So set clear and firm rules from the beginning. You should respect their privacy and freedom. But do not think twice to take away their privileges if they are misusing it. You also have all the rights to know where your kids are going and with whom they are hanging out. You can also invite your kid’s friends to be more aware of their activities.

4. Make reasonable expectations

It is very important for your teenager kids to have a chance to set up their identities. You have to acknowledge that they are growing up and help them to find out their own place in the world.  You have to make them clear about core values and family rules. And they also know the consequences of breaking that rules. You have to understand and respect their boundaries so that they can learn from their mistakes. Expect them to keep their words and also make sure that you always do the same.

5. Communicate and listen

During this period of adolescence, teenager act sensitively. They want their parents to treat them as individuals. They also need to be listened with respect and care. Try to be available and give your kids a space where they can open up themselves and speak their hearts out. Not necessarily you always have to accept or agree with all of their views. But listening to them without any interruption makes you easy to know what actually going inside their heads. Your teen needs you but in their own terms.  So try to listen them more and use it as a window to help them in their problem-solving state.


6. Show love and respect

All the parents want their kids to be honest, responsible and well-behaved. But make sure you also follow the same things in your life. Teenagers do what they see. If you show love and affection to your kids and talk to them with respect you will get back the same undoubtedly. Never make any negative comments or engage in arguments with them. If you can raise them without punishment, there is chance that they become more close to you. Make your teenager kids understand that you love them unconditionally. If they make mistakes you should never judge them but help them to learn from their mistakes with love and support.

7. Spend quality time

Always make sure that you have your food at least once a day together with your kids. Relaxing together is important to make the bond stronger between you and your kids. It is also very necessary to know their daily stories and share yours with them. It increases the trust and they will find the security in you. In this teenage period their life is full of emotional, social, physical and intellectual disturbances. So spending quality time with your kids is always a good decision in order to handle your teenager kids effectively.

Some Final Words

So it is very important for the parents to maintain positive parenting for the teenagers. Parents must have to be patient, understanding and cooperative. You may feel like you do not have much control over your kids in these days. But do not mind their strange behaviour rather try to understand how to parent these growing teenagers.


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