Top Profiles of the UK’s Leading Doctors on Instagram and Twitter

In the age of digital communication, social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter have become powerful tools for connecting with people, sharing information, and even seeking expert advice. In the medical field, many renowned doctors in the United Kingdom have embraced these platforms to educate, engage, and interact with a global audience. From providing health tips to debunking myths, these doctors have carved a niche for themselves as influencers in the realm of healthcare. In this article, we’ll delve into some of the UK’s best doctors who are making a significant impact on Instagram and Twitter.

1. Dr. Ranj Singh (@DrRanj) 

With a background in pediatrics, Dr. Ranj Singh is a well-known face in the UK’s medical community. His presence on television, combined with his active engagement on social media, has made him a trusted source for child health advice. On Instagram and Twitter, he addresses parenting concerns, provides vaccination information, and emphasizes the importance of mental health in children.

2. Dr. Zoe Williams (@DrZoeWilliams) 


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A general practitioner and TV presenter, Dr. Zoe Williams uses her platforms to share insights into healthy living, exercise, and nutrition. Her posts on Instagram often include workout routines, healthy recipes, and practical tips for maintaining a balanced lifestyle.

3. Dr. Alex George (@dralexgeorge) 


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Dr. Alex George gained prominence not only as an A&E doctor but also as a mental health advocate. His social media presence, particularly on Instagram, focuses on mental well-being, destigmatizing mental health issues, and promoting open conversations around emotional struggles.

4. Dr. Hazel Wallace (@TheFoodMedic) 

With a background in medicine and nutrition, Dr. Hazel Wallace is a registered doctor who educates her followers about the intersection of health and food. Her posts on Instagram offer evidence-based nutrition advice, exercise tips, and recipes that emphasize the connection between diet and overall well-being.

5. Dr. Joshua Wolrich (@drjoshuawolrich) 

Dr. Joshua Wolrich is a surgical doctor and researcher who uses his social media platforms to challenge diet culture, promote body positivity, and debunk pseudoscientific health claims. His posts on Instagram and Twitter offer a critical perspective on nutrition trends and encourage a balanced approach to eating.

6. Dr. Punam Krishan (@drpunamkrishan) 


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As a general practitioner, Dr. Punam Krishan is dedicated to promoting diversity and inclusivity in healthcare. Her social media presence focuses on empowering individuals from all backgrounds to take charge of their health. She actively engages in conversations about cultural competence and the importance of patient-centered care.

7. Dr. Amir Khan (@DrAmirKhanGP) 


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Dr. Amir Khan, a general practitioner and television presenter, uses his social media platforms to share health-related information, medical insights, and practical advice for patients. He also raises awareness about important healthcare topics through his engaging videos.


The presence of these dynamic and compassionate doctors on platforms like Instagram and Twitter has revolutionized the way healthcare information is disseminated. Their ability to communicate complex medical concepts in an accessible and relatable manner has made them influential figures in the field of healthcare. By leveraging the power of social media, they continue to empower individuals to make informed decisions about their well-being, while also challenging misconceptions and promoting evidence-based practices. As digital communication continues to evolve, these doctors stand as shining examples of how expertise and compassion can bridge the gap between medical professionals and the wider public.

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