Top New Year Resolution Ideas for 2021

As we all know that taking a resolution on New Year is very common. Whether you have any party plans or not but surely you will make some promises to yourself to avoid the bad habits yourself.

But have you ever thought that did you follow the taken resolution for the whole year! Anyway, all know that rarely people can stick to their New Year resolution for the whole 12 months. But still, it now became a tradition that adds a spark in life for the coming days of the New Year.

Here are some of the common resolution ideas which are very interesting and on the other hand it also encourages people to adopt some new habits. Check out some of them:

  • Promise yourself to make a perfect budget according to your financial condition. Fix the amount to save when your salary comes. This will increase your account balance.
  • Be yourself and don’t kill your dreams for others.
  • Indulge yourself to read the newspaper and informational books for at least 1 hour a day.
  • If you are addicted to alcohol or smoking then limit its consumption. Even you can ask someone to help you in quitting these habits.
  • Make a habit of eating healthy and priority to homemade foods. Say no to excess calorie foods.
  • Take the resolution of planting a tree for social welfare.
  • Make habit of doing several social works to help others.
  • Manage the family time to spend your quality time with them.
  • Give time to your hobby to stay refreshing.
  • Make habit of donating to needy people.
  • Adopt a diary writing habit so that you can explore yourself and get to know where you are wrong and what things need to be changed.
  • Add excitement to your life. Don’t stick up with the same routine for the whole year.
  • Spend alone quality time with your partner by switching off your phones.
  • Limit the excess use of smart phones, surfing on the internet, and talking with strangers on social sites.
  • Try to learn new things from other people. Never feel ashamed to ask anything which you don’t know. 



The resolution which is taken to break 

There are some funny resolutions that will add some excitement to your life. However, the above-mentioned resolutions which a person should adopt to live a perfect life, but there are some which are normally taken to break and hardly people can follow it for the whole year. Check out such resolutions:

  • People take a resolution to cook something new dish once a week or month but normally fail because they don’t know how to cook.
  • A person who loves to eat yummy and delicious cuisines takes the resolution to be on diet for the whole year. It cannot succeed.
  • Some lazy people say that from the 1st January they will take stairs instead of escalators and lifts to stay healthy. But their laziness doesn’t allow them to leave their comfort zone.
  • Planning for various trips on the 1st day of New Year is normally made to cancel. The jobs, targets, and other responsibilities suck this resolution.
  • Promise to be fit by several workouts, yoga, and exercises for the whole year but they fail to maintain the schedule.
  • Students took the resolution of early to bed and early to rise, but they can’t follow it for the whole year. Only the legends can do it, and they don’t need to take an oath.
  • The magical words, “From tomorrow I will not fight with my partner and understand what he/she wants to say.” But this No fighting and No arguments with your husband/ wife for the whole year is a myth.
  • No gossiping, No backbiting from New Year but how to leave, if it is a habit.  

If you are also the one who took the resolution then it is advised you to share it with your friends and family. According to Experts, when your resolution is shared with others then it encourages you to achieve your goal. So, as soon as you make your resolution, share it on your friends and family groups, various social media platforms, and discuss it with your neighbors. So, enjoy and wish you a very Happy New Year 2021.


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