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Top 8 easy ways to safeguard your kids this cold winters

The hot and humid summers are to an end, spring and autumn had bid farewell long ago. Now, it’s time to welcome winter joyfully. Here comes the best season of all. Be it food or sports, the real pleasure of it is enhanced in this season. But wait, as we all know there are two faces of the same coin. Same is the case with this season too. One face is joyous and cheerful, the other is scary. The other side deals with diseases and cold and cough which one has to face if not taken proper care of, especially children. The main cause of children catching cough and cold easily is that they are not very much careful about their activities and health. If one child is infected, it can easily spread among other children. Using a handkerchief or taking syrups at the time is not something we can expect from children. So now it comes to the parents and elders, who need to take care of their younger ones. It’s obvious that care should be taken throughout the year but the task gets harder when it’s winter. The drastic decrease in the temperature of the atmosphere makes it challenging to stay fit and healthy. The body needs time to get used to the low temperature and freezing breath.

Best 8 Ways to Protect Kids from Winters

To help you with protecting your kids, here are the eight points you should try to inculcate:

  1. Layer your kid with clothes

Heavy cold can affect your body tissues leading to a decrease in blood flow. This is termed as frostbite. To avoid this, protect your child by covering them in as clothes as possible. Also ensure that their head, neck and hands are covered, as these are the sensitive areas. As we all know, these days fashion is more important for children than their health. So in that case, try to first put on thermal wear on your kid than let them wear whatever they feel confident in. It’s the best way to help your kids fight this shivering winter.

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  1. Use moisturizers and body oil

Children’s skin gets damaged very easily when exposed to the harsh and rigid atmosphere. Children have extremely sensitive skin and it’s difficult for their skin to cope with harsh winters. In order to maintain your child’s skin and to keep up the softness, one should use moisturizers and body oils. Except for providing protection from rough air, it generally provides nutrition to the skin and helps your skin to glow and be in a wonderful texture.

  1. Hydration

Hydration is important whether it be winter or summer. During winter, every person whether it be adult or kid needs fluids. Most of it used when we breathe. Warmer fluids like soup or boiled water are important. Not only does it helps to keep hydration up to the mark but also helps the child to get more comfortable with the winter. Warm things are extremely soothing for anyone in winter. It also prevents other diseases like flu and cold and cough.

  1. Choose proper clothes

On should avoid using shawl or scarf for children. They might just tie it around their neck and pull it tightly. This is dangerous and might hurt them badly. Try using pullovers, jackets and sweaters. This is safe and for children. They cannot harm themselves with these. Also, sweaters and jackets are more comfortable while they are playing or busy in some activities.

  1. Bonfires and heaters

During winters, bonfires and heaters are most commonly used. In most of the parties or in many houses, this is used to help everyone with winters, to keep the air warm. Bonfires are dangerous for children as they might put their hands in it and hurt themselves. Moreover, a child has sensitive skin, the high temperature might be injurious to them. It might just not suit them.

  1. Bathing

Bathing is important for everyone. But during winters, one should do it appropriately. Bathing on alternative days could be a solution. Even if you want your child to bathe every day, try to not use soaps and shampoos. Apply soap and shampoo twice a week. Application of such products leads to loss of body oil and moisturisation which further leaves one in misery.

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  1. Use light but warm blankets

Heavy Blankets should not be used. Children cannot move themselves in such blankets leading to improper sleep. Moreover, if once they are able to get out of the blanket, they will not get in again even if they are feeling cold. There are many blankets made specifically for children which are light in weight and as warm as any other thick blanket.

  1. Hygiene

Hygiene is very important to keep oneself alert of germs and infections. Even if cold and cough have caught your child, with the help of proper hygiene, it can be cured. If your child has a flowing nose and doesn’t use a cloth, instead they use their hands. By doing so, they spread germs. They also unknowingly spread it to whoever is near them. Try to help your children with hygiene. Teach them to use a handkerchief and use sanitizer whenever required.

Some Final Words

Health is very important for anyone. If you want your children to grow up in a healthy manner, these things are something to be taken care of. Moreover, it is these initial days which shape a child for a better future. If they spend time on things like sports or academics or exploring other ventures of life, that would be more helpful instead of lying sick. Along with the above-mentioned points, give your child a healthy diet like green vegetables and soups. This will help them build their immunity. Also, this will help them stay energetic all day round. Stay healthy and take care of yourself as well as your kid.


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