10 Bridal Eye Make Up Ideas You Can’t Just Miss

Marriage is something very special for everyone. It is a union of two different personalities for a whole life span. Whether arranged or love, marriage is a special day for the two people as well as their friends and families. Who doesn’t want to feel special on this day? Who doesn’t want to look extraordinary on this day? I am sure, everyone wishes to bring out their best ever versions on this auspicious day. Make up these days are setting trend in social media, newspapers and everywhere. Initially, some relatives’ aunt uses to do the makeup of the bride. A dulhan bindi, foundation, eyeliner, kajal and pink shades of lipstick were more than enough. This is not the case now. Bridal make up is also developing, using different techniques that are skin-friendly.


Best Bridal Eye Make Up Ideas for Women

Looks with no bad effects on the skin is everyone’s desire these days. Here are the ten ideas of eye makeup.

  1. Thick and Foggy Bridal Eye Makeup for Dark Tone Skin

The thick and foggy bridal makeup is one of its kind. Dark skin tone is a beauty bar in itself. Any attempt to make it look sexier is a little difficult. Thick and shady bridal eye makeup sets the bar high. It enhances the beauty in its own domain. Dark shades on a tanned skin look beautiful. It suits most of the bridal lehengas or salwar suits.

Thick Foggy Bridal Eye Makeup for Dark Tone Skin

  1. Rose Pink Bridal Eye Makeup For Luminous Skin

Makeup is all about bringing all the attention towards the beauty of the bride. The eyes, without a doubt, is an attention seeker. The groom looks in the eyes the first time he sees her bride obviously. Therefore, it needs to be special and beautiful. Also, it should be going with a whole bunch of other shades and makeup used on the face. It should also add to the overall bridal look giving an edge to the lehengas and other embroideries done. If the bride is more inclined towards a light yet stylish makeup, she should definitely go for this. It is the best eye makeup for luminous skin.

Image Source Wedabout / Pixabay
  1. Rust Eye Makeup for Ethnic and Cultural Profile

The unique idea of the Rust eye makeup is the copper eye shadow used in it. Brides of Royal families like the Rajwadas and other Pataudis want a Maharani look for their brides. The rusty and copper eye makeup fulfill their wishes by giving them the entire Maharani feel. Nowadays, there is no need for heavy jewelry and stuff, light golden haar with big jhumkas and perfect heavy eye makeup. That’s it. You are ready. Eye makeup is enhanced by beautiful, large and bold lashes. The icing on the top of the cake would be a beautiful liner. A bold and winged eyeliner is a must.

Image Source Mehar Photography
  1. Metallic Bridal Eye Makeup

A dynamic and today’s eye makeup is Metallic eye makeup. It a dazzling eye makeup enhancing the profile of a bride. It is more of a day wedding makeup. In the bright and dazzling sun, a dark shade makeup doesn’t go much. Light and classic makeup are more suitable for such weddings. Autumn feels shaded lehengas with peaches makeup is the best. It will be like a flavoring on the food if you could add a winged eyeliner. A bold mascara and eyelashes also add to the beauty.

Metallic Bridal Eye Makeup Parents Talks
Image Source Sahibakaur_
  1. Charcoal Bridal Eye Makeup with Lush filled Lashes

The eyeballs with a pinch of watery look get the attention it deserves in this makeup. The charcoal makeup gives the edge to the eternal beauty of your eyes. The dark shady effect is because of charcoal makeup accompanied by the dark eyeshades. Dark brown or bluish must be a shot. No one can stop staring at your eye makeup. The makeup these days are not that costly. It is very much in your budget to get your girlfriends jealous and your groom falls for your beauty.

Charcoal Bridal Eye Makeup with Lush filled Lashes
Image Source Wedabout
  1. Multi-Shaded Eye Shadow with Butterfly Effect

As the title says, multi-shaded eye shadow means a blend of various colors that goes with any and every bridal lehenga. Here, broad eyeliner is a must. Winged pattern is a beauty. Large lashes and bold mascaras will add to the hues of eye beauty. Your eyes will look as beautiful as a butterfly. Colorful and attractive that everyone wants.

Multi-Shaded Eye Shadow with Butterfly Effect
Image Source Wedabout.com
  1. Elegant Nude Eye Makeup for Dazzling Skin Tone

Some girls look beautiful without makeup. Nudes are for them. It evens your skin tone and gives you a glaze on your skin. Beauty with elegance is unbeatable. This eye makeup enhances your natural beauty. For a day wedding, it is appropriate eye makeup. It gives you an unbeatable look.


  1. Purplish Bridal Eye Makeup with Gliding Tip

Angels are no one but brides on the wedding day. The purplish eye makeup gives you a fairy-like look. The fairy tale marriage and a fairy princess look, what else a girl wants. A gliding look with an edgy tip is a cherry on the cake.

Image Source Wedabout.com
  1. Light and Simple Bridal Eye Makeup

Transparent makeup with a look and beauty of the bride is something tough to attain. Darker eyebrows and lust lashes with bold mascara along with kohl enhancing the natural beauty of the eyes is a treat to any bridal look.


  1. Kohl Eye Makeup

A stressed bride, nothing new. Nervousness at its peak. Kohl’s eye makeup is what anyone would prefer. Bold eyes with winged eyeliner and proper mascaras. Perfect eye shadow is also a necessity.

Some Final Words

Not every bride wants the same makeup. Neither every makeup suits every bride. Eye makeup has a role to play. Setting fire and giving a unique and beautiful edge to the entire appearance of the bride, eye make-up is a necessity. Bridal makeup includes various parts such as toner, lipsticks, blushers, base makeup, and many parts. Eye makeup can either be the star of the show or a black sheep to the entire beauty. Don’t spoil your day with old techniques and looks. Give a changed and modern look to your eyes.


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