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Top 8 tips for Indian women to live their best lives fearlessly

Living in a male dominated country like India, it has always been tough for women to achieve what they desire, for that matter they could not even afford to dream about anything. With the changing mindsets of people along with the effect of modernization people have come to realization that even women can stand strong in a crowd of men and be at par with them in almost every possible field, may it be sports, navy, research etc.

Since India is a diverse country, it has numerous cultures which are followed by different people across the country. Some of these cultures and tradition often tend to hinder the free lifestyle of women. They are always looked upon as that member of the family who is only responsible for taking care of the family and their house.

Its high time that people come out of their narrow mindset and open to up to free the lives of these women and let them do everything they can to live a happy life. In recent days, India has encountered a number of instances where in women are taking the initiative and are very much equal to men in all aspects. They deserve to be the best and live the best lives.

Here are some of the tips for women to be more strong and live life without any fear:


In this modern generation, women should take the initiative to become the leaders rather than followers and represent the country. They no longer have to work under anyone or be controlled by anyone. It’s your time to shine and prove to the world that you are not only capable of working at home but also capable of managing any kind of professional work under your leadership.


In India women face lot of issues related to sexual harassment, rape cases, molestation etc.  With such environment existing around, it is mandatory for every woman to learn self-defense in order to protect themselves from such kinds of situations. It also helps women feel stronger and they do not need to depend on anyone anymore for their safety.


At times you might doubt yourself whether you are really capable of doing any task. In this type of situations, all you need to do is trust your instincts and go for the big jump. Always convert your fear into your strength by following your instincts and stepping out of your comfort zone. This will not only build your personality but also make you less afraid of being judged by people.


In this world where in you are constantly judged and questioned, make sure to stand up on your opinion and raise your voice on anything that lets you down or is injustice to you. Don’t let the society continue to oppress you, rather raise of voice and break all the barriers that come your way. This is a significant sign of growing as an individual and will definitely help you build confidence and live fearlessly.


Never stop dreaming. You might not be the best at anything but you can always dream and work hard to make them come true. In India we tend to have restricted thoughts and dreams when it comes to women, since all of them aren’t exposed to doing what they feel like. Women need to continue dreaming for today they can be almost anything, from representing India at the Olympics to flying an airplane.


We sometimes feel that when we are afraid of something, it is a kind of weakness but very few understand and realize that if used efficiently it can actually act as your strength. A woman who is fearless is someone who knows her capabilities and at the same time is self-aware about herself.  You need to know what your true strength and weaknesses are and use them wisely. This way you will be able to maintain a proper balance in your life.


As women they won’t be any particular moment in general which will ensure you 100% success in life. All decisions come with certain uncertainty which literally no-one can estimate. Therefore, in such times, every woman should fearlessly take the leap of faith without any fear. Many a times you are not sure about decisions like those based on career. In situations like these all you got to do is build up some courage and take on to what you really feel like doing and want to pursue in future. Do not feel pressurized by anybody out there who is trying to manipulate, judge or criticize you. Just be who you always wanted to be and go ahead in that direction.


At times you may feel like things aren’t working in your favour or you might feel exhausted about all the things happening around you. During such a period every woman must stay strong and be fearless enough to push themselves a bit more than their limits to work harder and achieve what they dream. Being fearless will not only help you to work better but will also encourage you take up things which you thought you were not capable of doing.

Some Final Words

As a modern Indian woman, it is important that now you all should be strong physically and emotionally to tackle all kinds of problems you may encounter in your day to day life. Be fearless and do the things which people might have not expected out of you. Do things that make you happy and enjoy your life. A fearless woman is someone who knows herself the best and is not afraid to walk on the path taken by few. These qualities will really make you strong and independent and will definitely help you live your life happily and fearlessly.

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