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Top 8 Games to Develop Your Baby’s Mind

Babies are the cutest creatures as they can find entertainment in even smaller things. But, new parents usually obsess about providing topmost baby products and good morales to build a healthy mind of their loved one. They would find creative games to play with their child for his overall development of the brain and to boost up his memory and the level of concentration in his mind. Why scroll down the internet for hours when you can find an amazing list of buzzing games for your kid.

Here is a list of interesting games for your newborn that will not only help in the mental development of the baby but will also enhance his motor skills.

Eye contact

It is a simple interplay between a parent and a child. In this game, when your child looks at you, you should respond by smiling or talking. You don’t need fancy tablets or flashcards. You just need to connect with your child. Through this game, babies are learning about action and reaction and how to interact with their environment.

Odd one out

This simple game helps in developing your child’s analytical skills. In this game, you present a set of objects, words or pictures and your child has to identify what does not belong in the presented category. What stands out odd or which object has nothing in common with the others. For example, books, pencil, pens, and clothes. After that ask reasons for your baby answer to help encourage logical deduction.

Listen for the repeated word

Good listening skills are always essential for proper communication. Parents are required to say a few words in series and repeat one single word in a pattern. Then ask your child to identify the repeated word. For example, cap, care, come, wood, cap, sit, up, cap and so on. By this, you are helping them develop their vocabulary even when they are infants. The number of words a child learns by the age of three grows in direct correlation to how many words are spoken in the home. Babies can express their needs and start to communicate in a variety of ways.

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Building blocks and puzzles

Building blocks is one of the most basic games that has never faded out. All you need are a set of blocks of different shapes and sizes and leaving the rest on your baby’s imagination. From recognition to creativity and mind stimulation all facets of the child development are exposed. The puzzle is one of the games you need to start as soon as possible because an older child may ignore it for more exuberant ones. The biggest advantage of puzzles is the confidence boost that comes from completing the puzzle.

Think of solutions

You may create situations in the form of a story and let your child think of a possible solution. Just think of random situations related to your immediate environment and ask your baby to think of possible solutions. For example, oh! The cat is not eating food today, what do we now? What else can we make for him? Is she okay and feeling good? Your response to the answers they are giving is a huge thing. It is telling them that you hear what they are saying. You may also let them think about the suitable ending of their favorite story. May you will be surprised to hear some interesting versions.


Peek a boo is one of the best baby games to play with infants and is one of the easiest. You can simply hide your face behind your hands and then move your hands away while you say PEEK-A-BOO. Babies do not realize that you are still there when your face is covered until they are around 9 months old. You can also hide behind the curtains and give some signs of your presence by moving the curtain or your hand. You can call your baby and he may realize that you are there. So he will be fascinated by the disappearing and reappearing act. This game actually helps your child become more comfortable in the world when he realizes that you will come back even when you go away. Babies love to be surprised as they learn that things they can’t see still exist.

Where are your Lips?

If you want to work on developing language skills and make baby giggle at the same time, then this simple baby game is perfect for you. To help boost the baby’s mental development, ask, “Where is your lips” or “where is your ears” in a singsong voice. Then gently touch your baby’s lips and say “There are your lips” with great delight. Repeat this game and play it with different parts of the baby’s body or nearby items. It will help your baby start to learn the meaning of different words. The child becomes smarter and tries to learn new things around him. Just by imitating and observing the behavior of his parents, the child learns to the art of pronouncing and learning new words.

Find that thing

This game is similar to the word hunt. The only difference is that requires physical activity on your child’s part. This game can be played in the house or even best if played in an open area such as a playground or parks. You can use a flashcard and write the name of nearby objects such as flowers, bench, pillar, etc. Give your child that flashcard and ask him to locate that object in his surroundings. This is a fun activity as it is a type of treasure hunt and helps improve their comprehension.

Final Words

These games are not only beneficial for the child’s growth but it can also strengthen the relationship with his parents. Parents can be their superhero, friend, guide, partner in crime and their storytellers. Better communication and healthy play can bring out the best in you. So, what are you waiting for? Try these games with your toddler and have fun with your family.

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