Top 7 favourite Clothing Items of Modern Girls during Teenage

Teenagers or college going girls always remain perplexed on what clothes to wear. Every day they get up to this confusion as to what they should be wearing today, whether they will be able to make a strong statement through their clothes. Since these are the growing years, they tend to be cautious about what they are wearing and if they are looking good enough.

Fashion is something teenage girls go crazy about and they often love to wear clothes that latest and trending. Making a good impression in college and looking good enough definitely makes you feel kind of more confident.

7 Modern Day Favourite Clothing Items:

Teenagers love to wear clothes that are modern and socially acceptable. So, here is a list of top favourite clothing items that teenagers prefer to wear:

  1. Jeans and tees

Teenagers are truly obsessed with wearing jeans of various kinds may it be for college or even while going for an outing. It’s the most comfortable clothing item one can wear and can go with literally any kind of top you choose to wear. Just by changing the type of top you wear you can wear jeans for variety of occasions including house parties, college functions and even while hanging out with your friends. The most versatile and comfy clothing, jeans do come in a variety of colours due to which it is truly loved by all the teenagers. Along with this, simple T-shirts are amazing and help in making you feel comfortable as well as provide a perfect overall look to you!


  1. Bold footwear

Those who like wearing not so eye catching colours tend to keep it simple when it comes to overall outfit but accessorize it with bold shoes that stand out. Your shoes are basically known to reflect your personality and therefore those of them who have that kind of bright vibes tend to wear such bright appealing shoes which tend to seek a lot of attention. Every teenager should have definitely have at least one such pair which they can wear it on special occasions.


  1. Classy bagpacks

College going girls often like to match everything they wear with their outfits so that they look perfect. From the clothes they wear to the shoes and accessories all needs to blend in with the overall look. They also prefer using stylish bagpacks which have a stylish edge to set a trend among their colleagues. The best part is that they choose a bagpack that is perfect and goes well with the entire outfit and is not just an add-on.


  1. Cool sneakers

Modern teenagers nowadays love wearing cool clothing like sweatshirts which are quite trendy these days.  With this they pair it with cool and stylish sneakers. Sneakers are their all-time show buzzers and many of them try out bold colours like red which stand out even from far. Black and white sneakers are also commonly used since they can go with almost any colour outfit you wear. So, if any of the teenagers want to go out for any party or a movie they never forget to put on their stylish sneakers to complete their look and make them look classy and unique!


  1. A classic watch

If you are a modern girl in your teenage years, your look is not at all complete if you do not wear a pure classic statement watch. Teenagers these days go crazy about the latest watches that are launched by different brands and like to have ab=n ultimate collection of them. They prefer keeping a couple of watches to match with any outfit they wear as per the occasion like a classic watch for college, a digital touch screen watch while going out with friends or a decent metallic watch to add a final touch to your traditional look.


  1. A stylish bag

Modern Girls are often crazy about buying the latest branded bags of different types and sizes depending upon it’s use and the occasion they wish to wear it for. While going for a movie or to go to a coffee shop they prefer wearing a sling bag which is sleek and stylish and will definitely go on your cool look. For weekends when they might go on trips, they use the bigger bags which have enough space to fit in all the requirements as well as has that vibrant look and is very much stylish.  In case of parties they rather make use of clutches of small bags that are easy to handle and have that shiny look which makes it visible and attractive.

  1. A black dress

When it comes to the modern or new generation teen girls, black colour is often seen as a statement itself. You can wear anything that is black and it will still suit in almost every occasion. A black dress is one such clothing which you would pull out in every event or occasion, may it be a get together, a family gathering, house parties, hang outs or even for any events taking place in your college. Girls these days prefer wearing a beautiful black dress due to the fact that need not worry about whether it would suit that particular occasion and also as we know black looks anyone look thin so girls would definitely not leave the chance to look beautiful, edgy and the same time look quite slimmer.


Some final Words

These are some of the various style statements used by the modern teenage girls which gives them an edge over those who wear regular clothing. If you are someone who takes fashion and trends way to seriously, you might definitely be having most of the items mentioned above in your closet. Your overall look always depends on what you select and how you match it. So, make sure that you select the correct item for every occasion. Now that you aware of what are the favorite clothing items modern girls like, quickly fill your cupboard with these clothes today!

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