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Top 6 Effective tips to stop your baby from putting things in the mouth

Parenting is very curious especially when you are dealing with an infant because a small child cannot think of good and bad for himself or herself and therefore you need to be more careful about their actions. From the various stages that these infants pass through one of them is when they start getting hold of things and putting them in their mouth. As a parent, it is your duty that rather than scolding them you develop an understanding with them so that they know that you are trying to protect them by denying them to take things in their mouth.

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The process has been followed very sensitively otherwise it might scare the child and he or she can also lose their confidence in you. You can deal with the process in the following ways: 

  1. Scolding the baby:

As a parent, it’s very important that you understand your child. Whether it’s a grown-up child or an infant everyone interprets their parent’s intentions very well.

Make sure that you do not scold the child if he or she is taking things to their mouth. As parents, we need to understand that’s it a phase and it would pass out soon. So it’s important that the child maintains the same confidence around you. Scolding might discourage him or her to take things in their mouth once or twice but it also discourages them when you want them to try something new. So don’t scold them, take the material from their hand and keep it away. For precautions try to keep only the materials around them that are completely safe.

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  1. Remove the dangerous things around the baby:

Till the child is seven months he or she does not put things in their mouths. But after seven months their hold becomes strong and lips and tongue develop enough and they try to explore new things by treating them. As it is a natural process during a child’s growth we cannot stop it but we can make sure that the child is kept away from sharp and dangerous objects. Children always have a fascination for sharp and shiny objects as they seem unique to their eyes, make sure that such objects are kept out of their reach may be at higher places. Be very careful and even pick up the small things that might not be harmful to the mouth but there is a chance that the child might swallow them.

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  1. Learn the concept of no:

An infant would not be able to understand your definition of no. Therefore it’s very important to make them understand in their own language. Make use of sign language and mouth the words no from your moths dressing on it which gives the idea to the child that something is wrong. Although the children are mischievous and would wish to try every new thing they see, you need to stop your baby from putting things into the mouth. The signal could include doing the action with your fingers and conveying the message no. It’s obvious that the child would not listen to you every time but at a point, him or her also developing an understanding for the same and comes to know that he or she has to listen to everything that their parents say. The concept of saying no does limit itself till being an infant also when the child grows it forms a basis of a positive relationship.

  1. A teether could help:

When it comes to babies you cannot deny any possibility and you do need to analyze things from every angle. A teether might be very useful in case the child is teething. Because during the process the children develop a tendency to bite at everything and they often think it is a medium that will relax their aching gums in such cases teether could be used that relaxes their aching gums. Along with that, it improves baby habits as the child now understands that does not have to go for sharp objects as he or she would be provided with the soft teether.

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  1. Replacement:

Replace the object is another great feature that is used by a number of parents. The basic ideology behind the concept is that do not let the child be aware that he or she is holding something dangerous. This can shift the child’s mood from mischievous to frightened and he or she feels that has taken hold of something very dangerous. This type of singles to your child that is delivered unintentionally might cause a problem to you as well as your child because both the parties become panic-stricken although for different reasons. Encourage the child to give the thing he or she is holding in their hands in such a way that they find the thing in their hands more impressive and are ready to sacrifice what he or she has.

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  1. Clear out the material:

To stop your baby from putting things into the mouth you need to put as much effort as the baby is putting in gathering them. There is one thing that can improve baby habits in the understanding between you and the child. You need to keep the track of the baby and roam around him or her and regularly remove the things that they are putting into their mouth. The list of such things is very high but some basic things could be detergent and other chemicals and cosmetics. Apart from these, they are more essential small objects that should be kept away from the child such as coins, pet food bowls, marbles, and tiny objects.

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From the above methods, we can conclude that you require to be very patient in the above process while dealing with your child because small things can affect the understanding between you and your child. Remember that the best method to pass through this process you can give them a teether on which they can relay the whole day. You also need to keep things out of the children’s reach as shiny objects attract the child.


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