Top 5 Ways To Celebrate Green Diwali

Diwali is said to be the festival of lights. This is an Indian festival and celebrated in many countries like Canada, America, and other countries where Indians live, and we all feel great to celebrate this beautiful festival with our families while lighting up crackers and candles. This year, 2021, we shall witness a new change in or after Covid 19!. Our favorite festival of lights will be celebrated while taking care of the environment. Let’s check how that is possible!

In this article, we shall cover the major points that will help us celebrate a happy and prosperous Diwali without any harm to the environment and people. 

What is Green Diwali?

People also say that Diwali is another festival to prove that good always wins no matter what. Previously, Diwali used to be a matter of concern for all the environmental activists around. But that’s not the case anymore. These days whenever Diwali season comes, all we talk about is green Diwali. Green Diwali is an eco-friendly process that involves celebrating Diwali in such a way that the environment around us is not disturbed in any way. Green Diwali does not involve any type of pollution and it is much safer and more economical.

What do we do on Green Diwali?

Everyone loves to celebrate this festival, especially children. Green Diwali involves the eco-friendly celebration of Diwali. It was an initiative started recently and has gained a lot of attention and thinking from all the people around the country. Environment activists have said that it is an innovative step for a healthier planet. Here are some do’s and don’ts of Green Diwali.

  1. Instead of using electric lights, use diyas to illuminate the whole house. The lights illuminated by diyas gives your home a unique vibe. People say that lighting diyas around the house makes the house look even more beautiful and gives it the characteristic festive vibes.
  1. Instead of crackers use lanterns to celebrate the festival of lights. Lanterns generate fewer pollutants when compared to the crackers we use. Those who have pets are more aware of the noise and air pollution created by these crackers. Animal lovers are encouraging green Diwali because there will be no life loss and no permanent damage to the animals. People with heart diseases too are supporting green Diwali because it is much healthier and the possibility of getting a stroke is reduced dramatically.
  1. Ask your whole family to participate in decorating the house with flowers and rangoli. In this way, the bond among your family members increases and they learn to be creative and know the ways to make the house look attractive. These qualities will help our kids a lot in the future.
  1. Instead of throwing, give away. Not all are as fortunate as us to have a family and celebrate this festival with them. Think about them and give your unused clothes or other materials to them by visiting them in an orphanage or donate via online. You can also volunteer for an NGO for the kids. The smile they will have on their faces will make this festival of lights look even brighter and happier.
  1. Be careful with what you buy. This Diwali makes sure that you invest more in recyclable commodities than any other one because it will cause less damage to the planet and also to the environment. Diwali is a festival where a lot of waste is generated. You can segregate them and dispose of them properly. Some can be used again and again. For example, the diyas which you have used this year can be used next year as well. Like this, you can minimize the amount of waste generated.

This Diwali, take a step forward and change the fate of our planet and our children by celebrating Diwali in a far cleaner and greener way. 


Advantages of Green Diwali:

  1. Green Diwali increases the life of the planet and doesn’t damage the environment around us.
  2. Green Diwali increases the chances of longevity in humans by decreasing the rates of heart attacks and sudden seizures in both young and old.
  3. Green Diwali increases family bonding by doing all the chores together and enhances creativity among the children.
  4. Diwali is the best occasion to start socializing. Try to socialize by going to an orphanage, distributing the things which you don’t use, celebrating it with neighbors by cooking and giving them to them.

So, let’s take a plunge and pave a way to Green Diwali this year and save our mother nature from devastation and pollution from lighting crackers! 

Happy Diwali to you and your Family!

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