Top 25 Parenting Blogs And Sites To Help New Parents

Blogging is a very efficient way of creating a sort of connection with different people by sharing your experiences, memories, opinions or for that matter even the new things you encounter in your life. Not only does it act as a source of sharing but now is also taken up as a means of income by many people.

Blogging can be taken up by anyone including moms out there who have undergone the best experience one could have, that is, the journey of parenting. Through their parenting blogs, they connect with other mothers across the world and exchange ideas about how they feel and express their views.

Recently, it has been perceived that many moms have started taking up blogging as an actual profession and here is a list of the top best blogs and sites:

  1. Sangeeta Menon – Bumpsnbaby

Sangeeta Menon is an inspiring mom who started blogging during the phase of her pregnancy in order to share about her journey as a to-be mom, a mom and then a working mom.  She became a professional blogger about parenting and lifestyle just after she officially resigned from the corporate world. Today she is an inspiration to every mom and has around 3,00,000 moms who view her blogs on daily basis.

  1. Mansi Zaveri – KidsStopPress

A mom of two kids, Mansi Zaveri is a motivation who is looked up to by many moms.  Through her blogs she helps parents understand their kids and also help them make important parenting decisions. She also writes reviews on recipes products and different places worth visiting.

  1. Monica Mandial – ParentsTalks

Monica is working mom of two kids, have started Parents Talks- Parenting Magazine with the help of her husband. This magazine is an all-in-one type of effective platform which allows parents to communicate and also ensures effective parenting with great features and at the same ensures privacy. The Parentstalks online magazine posts fresh contents regularly with engaging content that is very useful for parents at each step of their parenthood journey.

  1. Shruti Bhat – Artsy Craftsy Mom

Apart from being a blogger, Shruti Bhat is also an entrepreneur and a writer.  Struggling to find balance between life, she finally quit her job and is now following her passion. Through her blogs she shares lots of recipes and tips related to parenting.

  1. Hema – MyLittleMoppet

She is a doctor by profession who no longer practices medicine since she has to look after her two cute moppets. Though she doesn’t practice medicine, Dr. Hema makes sure that she uses her medical knowledge to guide and advice young moms on parenting.

  1. Priya – ShishuWorld

Priya is a full-time mom and a blogger who once practiced in the field of software for about 10 years and is currently a savior for all those parents who stay away from their families. Her blogs cover not only the modern aspects but also the traditions methods of parenting.  Her YouTube channel has over 1,00,000 viewers wherein she shares recipes, craft ideas practical advises for moms etc.

  1. Umamaheshwari Anandane – MomScribe

She initially started with Vedic maths as an important consideration but later shifted over to topics such as lifestyle and parenting. She is one of the most influential bloggers and has also written numerous articles for magazines.

  1. Alokha Gambhir – WholeSomeMamma

She is well known for her modern approach towards raising kids and through her videos on YouTube provides numerous tips on all the aspects related to taking care of a kid.

  1. Chetna – MomJunction

With the assistance of her blogs, Chetna helps moms on how to go about during pregnancy and also describes each phase in the journey of parenthood.  She also teaches moms on how to tackle with growing teens.

  1. Jaishri – Mommyswall

Jaishri with the help of her team consisting of wonderful moms who share their true experiences of parenting and also Share some handy tips for the same. She has over 80,000 viewers who visit her blogs for amazing recipes, parenting, baby care etc.

  1. Neha – Being Happy Mom

Neha is a mom of a three-year-old kid, who single handedly raised her kid without any elders’ support and now is helping all other moms who face the same issue to tackle with this problem.

  1. Prerna – Maa Of All Blogs

Prerna is a potential mommy blogger who through her blogs shares her real-life experiences and all the things she realised and learnt in the process of parenting.

  1. Sania – All Things Good

Sania is professionally a doctor who shares loads of exceptionally well experiences and knowledge related to parenting which also includes recipes and few tips regarding health care.

  1. Kejal – BeingMomma

Kejal initially started blogging with the aim of helping out Indian moms to deal with the most confusing yet the most beautiful stage of their lives. She works in association with several professionals to provided moms with knowledge related to all the issues faced by them.

  1. Menaka – Simple Indian Mom

Menaka started her blogs with a very innovative yet powerful idea of sharing the traditional and more natural ways in which parenting can be dealt with.  She also writes numerous articles for the moms out there who face many problems.

  1. Nancy – The Thinking Hat

Nancy is a young mom who was inspired by her experience of becoming a mom to a beautiful angel. She started blogging insider to share tips related to parenting as well as fitness.

  1. Swapna – The Mom Views

Swapna has done her MBA in marketing but later quit her job. She is passionate about sharing her thoughts about parenting through articles and reaching out to other moms.

  1. Nidhi – Whats Cooking Mom

Nidhi is a fabulous blogger who loves to share so amazing and healthy recipe which every mom should prepare for their kids. She loves cooking and always comes up with some bright and tasty recipes that is loved by all the moms.

  1. Rashmie – Mommy Labs

Rashmi is a mom of a seven-year-old girl and runs a blog just for sharing her beautiful parenting experience and her outlook on how to deal with this phase.

  1. Aditi Bose – Kiddie Story 365

For those moms who find it difficult to come up with new stories for their kids every day, they simply need to check her blogs as she shares some captivating, interesting and imaginative stories.

  1. Anshu – First Time Mommy

The journey of parenthood is always a mixed emotion with happiness, despair, and many more.  Anshu through blogs brings out all those emotions and tries to connect to all the moms for supporting them emotionally.

  1. Amruta Ram – Mumma Dairies Blogs and YouTube Channel

Amruta is among those moms who strive to follow their passion. She started blogging and also opened a YouTube channel helping many moms to learn new things.

  1. Vaishali Sudan Sharma – The Champa Tree

This blog concept is filled with fun activities, parenting tips, crafts and lot more. Also known as TCT, this was first suggested by Vaishali Sudan Sharma.

  1. Devishobha – Kids Kintha

Kids Kintha is an interesting initiative started by Devishobha where you will get all kinds of experience related to children. Such fun and loving stories and experiences are shared on this platform by literally any person who has had experience with a child.

  1. Vasantha Vivek – MySweetNothings

Vasantha Vivek, a former professor at an Engineering college who loves reading and writing. She writes some fascinating stories in her blogs that captivates the attention of many moms.

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