Top 10 Ways to Tackle Challenges for Working Parents Like a Pro

The task of parenting always comes with responsibilities and excitement as well. It is always a special feeling to raise the baby properly and see them growing up day by day. All the parents want to take the best care of their children irrespective of any situation. But it sometimes becomes difficult for working parents to balance their children and job at the same time. It is not so easy being working parents as it seems to be. Parents who need and want to do jobs have to overcome different types of obstacles in order to raise their children properly. They can neglect neither their jobs nor their little ones. They always need to put some extra effort to make a balance between their office and house.

Here we discuss 10 effective solutions for working parents to tackle the challenges like a pro.

1. Need the help of child care

Working parents who hold office jobs come across some serious problems. They need to make ready their kids for school, get to work, pick them up from school and get back to home timely. Things turn to be more difficult when your kids have a long holiday. In that case, you must need the help of some kind of kid coverage. Even if you are a remote worker or your kids are not going school yet you will have to look for a daycare or a babysitter. Though remote workers are having more opportunities to spend time with their children, it will be always a good decision to take help from daycare.

2. Be practical

Since you are working parents you have to be more practical. You have to make yourself understand that you are not supposed to give your all to everything and everyone at the same time. You may miss your child’s birthday or concert as you have to give an important presentation at your office. In another hand, if you get a dreaded call from your kid’s school you will have to leave the office immediately without thinking twice. Remember like every other thing in life it eventually balances in its own way. Just do not give up and put things in your perspective.

3. Give a hang to colleague’s judgment

You need to get back home early when you have kids at home. But it may seem unfair to some of your colleagues as you leave the office at sharp 5 pm while they are still working. It may cause a bad dynamic in the office and you may be passed over for a promotion. Sometimes it is difficult to convince your co-workers that you are also working as hard as they work. But never compromise with the quality of your work just because you have a kid in your house. Let your works speak on behalf of you and eventually, your colleagues will stop shooting stink eye to you.


4. Communication is the key

Do not leave any chance for your boss to question your loyalty to work. If you have a not-so-kid-friendly do not make him feel that you are taking advantage just because you have a kid in the home. Always make a discussion with your boss. When you think that you are having any personal issues do not hesitate to let your boss know. Do not keep him in a loop and make an honest conversation about how you have planned to manage your workload. It will help you further not to be excluded from an important task.

5. Be comfortable with the transition

Suppose you were on a business trip for some days. But since you step on your door you have to change yourself from professional to caregiving mood. There are some people who have to work even after they have left office. Sometimes you need to visit a client after works. It must be challenging to turn off your work once you enter your house. But here you need to turn on the transition mode. Make sure when you are at work you focus on your task. In another way when its time is with your children try to spend quality time with them keeping your work aside.

6. Consider the loss

As said before it is not an easy task to raise a baby while maintaining a permanent office job. It sometimes involves a little grieving. You may miss your child’s birthday at an important conference. Also, you may be excluded from a career-making project since you deliberately choose to work fewer hours. You can’t leave the office but you know your child in some trouble. Therefore, you have to try to combine your work and family considering the loss.

7. Make effective future plans

As a dedicated employee you may get incentives for meeting the annual revenue targets or delivering an excellent marketing strategy plan. In another hand, it also feels miserable when you miss your baby and just sit at your desk. To handle this challenge, you have to think both short term and long term at the same time. Make yourself understand that though you are missing your baby you will be able to see him/her playing within a few hours. Most importantly you have to acknowledge the reality and move on to the ultimate positive outcome.


8. Frame your work in advance

Working parents have commitments to both their children and work. Keep your to-do works in a frame makes it easier for you. Sit with your calendar, list of tasks and define them as your priorities, commitments, next steps and enthusiasm. It will give you a sense of agency and you will be more conscious about times and commitments in the future.

9. Revisit your identity

You must have an idea of how you want to be recognized as a professional. But things start to change after being a parent. You will have conflicts regarding your professional identities which are quite natural. You will have to cut down your work while at home, you will become less responsive. Here you need recasting. Recasting never means you are lowering your standards. And in this process, you choose to think yourself as an efficient communicator rather than putting so much weight on being responsive.

10. Take out time for yourself

It may sound impossible for the working parents to get some time for their own, but selfcare is also very important. Every day try to manage at least 15 minutes to do your favorite things. It may be anything like going for run in the morning or having a cup of coffee with your favorite books. It definitely helps you to restore your energy and feel refreshed for the next day’s work.

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