Top 10 sexual envisions every woman dreams

Top 10 Sexual Envisions Every Woman Dreams

Taking about sexual desires earlier in your family circle or office was not considered very good as you always had the fear of being judged and of course, the weird looks people gave you can never be ignored. But with development in media and social platforms people have become very comfortable in talking about sex and sexual desires. Also, the notion that only men have sexual desires has turned upside down. So, the common folk understands that women have sexual desires too, it is altogether a different thing that they do not talk about it as much as men. Well, on the other hand, we have women who are very open about these sexual desires. In this article, we will discuss ten sexual envisions everybody dreams of secretly.

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1. Passion and ravishment:

It is not wrong if you have a strong desire that your partner should be rough with you. This is a sexual desire that most of the women crave at one point or another in their sexual life, so there is nothing to be ashamed of. Aggressive and heated sex is sometimes liked by a woman. A woman would always dream that her partner is kissing her aggressively and passionately throughout the make-out session along with unforgettable sex. That is all that she dreams of.

2. She might want to be a dominant one:

Often in a sexual session, men are portrayed be the dominant one, they are always shown as the one having an upper-hand over the women or takes it as their responsibility to sexually drive women. While women may also dream to alter the situation totally. They might want to be a dominant one in a make-out session and guide you. They may want you handcuffs, whips or other sex toys, so you should definitely have a safe word for you.

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3. Bondage:

Bondage is preferred by a lot of people. They find it hot to restrict someone and wish to please them the way you want. Bondage activities generally make use of rope, cuffs or under-the-bed as it would completely make their partner helpless and leave the partner totally on your terms. You can make use of touch and pain for pleasure purposes. Although it is advisable that before actually involving in the bondage activities, research well.

4. A cut from certain senses:

If you derive your partner from certain senses, such as cover their eyes with a blindfold, it would turn them on more as one tries to anticipate the next move of the partner. When we are unknown and curious about what’s next and new, we become excited that the same principle is applied to sexual desires. If you want to enjoy this, even more, you can make use of noise shutting down headphones to add fun and excitement to your intercourse.


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5. Voyeurism:

It is something that both men and women dream of. It is something that gives you pleasure by seeing other people having sexual intercourse like that in adult content. Although it includes a lot of things such as spying on other people’s rooms when they are getting intimate or looking at people who are seeking some personal time in the streets.

6. Cosplay:

A lot of men and women dream that they are having situational sex with their partner and are also dressed according to the situation. It would give you a bit more turn on. You can take a serious as well as the lively situation. Adding a costume makes you a complete vixen which is absolutely alright. So, depict whatever situation in which you want to have sex with your partner.


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7. Play with her hairs:

Every woman fantasizes that her partner plays with her hair during sex, sometimes kissing her passionately at the same time. While on the other hand, they might also like to have you pull their hairs aggressively in the middle of a heavy make-out session. It is one of the most common moments in bed, although do not be too harsh but in the middle if you try to pull her hair and bring her to you.

8. Go slow with the clothes:

Most of the time people are in a hurry and they skip this part and generally remove their clothes on their own. While some women believe in a bit of teasing, they would really like if their partner would remove their clothes slowly and lavishing their body from time to time. On the other hand, women may also like to remove the clothes or their partner slowly and tease them to enhance their intimacy level.

9. Oral sex:

Most of the women prefer having an oral sex session before directly going into an intense make-out session. Later on, this act can facilitate them in having a stronger orgasm. After the orgasm, you are free to do anything you wish. Women always like a man’s tongue on the most sensitive parts of their body which can turn them on. They like the fact that their partner wants to taste them. Other than that oral sex brings you to a bit close as compared to heavy make-out sessions. Women are likely to have more orgasm with oral sex than penetration.

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10. Kisses on the neck along with attention to breasts and buttocks:

Women really like it when their man kisses them suddenly on the neck and stay there for a long time to create sensations. One kiss on the neck is enough to fill the excitement in your sex. Also, people should like that after kissing and sucking you use your tongue at the same spot. Some women do like too much attention to their breasts while there are a lot of women that prefer men to bit them, kiss and suck in their breasts. Also, the women’s breasts increase slightly they are truly enjoying it. Never ignore the buttocks of a woman. Some women like to be spanked a little or kissed and sucked at buttocks.


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