Top 10 Ninja Techniques to Incorporate Positive Parenting

Positive parenting is all about going for a different approach towards parenting your kids that is solely based on mutual respect for each other. While the conventional methods followed by Indian parents would be more of them ordering their kids, the new techniques would involve a deeper understanding about the child’s perspective and thoughts. Indian parenting has now taken an evolution with parents trying to understand their kids better and trying to figure out efficient ways in communicating towards their kids.

Here are some of the best techniques to incorporate positive parenting to help you in this beautiful journey of parenting.

1. Effective communication

The best way technique towards a positive parenting is to simply understand what your child says by communicating effectively. Consider your child to be an individual rather than a small kid and trying making use of a language that is highly age-appropriate. As an individual it is evident that you know your routine and can have your things planned out for the day. Remember that it is the same with your kids and therefore try communicating with them in the best possible way throughout the day.

Spend quality time with your kids to understand their way of communicating and you will see how easy it becomes to get to know them better.

2. Make your child aware of the consequence of every action

Indian parents need to make aware their kids of various consequences that their every action could lead, may it be positive or negative, good or bad. If your child does something wrong, you as a responsible parent should try imposing a consequence that is a bit harsh, such as taking away their toys. This will help them beware of the consequences of their bad actions and as a result of which will never think of repeating the same mistake. This technique makes your kids learn valuable life lessons and helps them think before they act.

3. Tell them what they are suppose to do rather than what they shouldn’t

For a kid’s mind that is under the stage of development, it becomes quite complex for them to understand an instruction so easily. When you tell your kids not to do something, they might not be able to interpret that instruction effectively. Therefore, try telling them what they need to do in a simple and clear language which can be grasped by their young minds easily.


4. Keeping things positive

At times we as parents tend to react to our kids in a negative way constantly over a period of time. This could often affect their mood and rub it off.  It is important to understand that your kid’s response and thinking abilities during a particular situation will be affected greatly if you manage to respond to them in a positive and light way.

Remember that your kids are undergoing new experiences constantly and therefore you need to be calm and positive in every stage of your parenting journey to help them through their experiences.  Try not to impose constant fear on them as they might find it difficult to adjust while experiencing new things.

5. Keep up to what you say and be consistent

Kids are quite smart and are known for having good memory. Hence you as a parent need to watch out on every instruction or lesson that you guys be them. If you fail to be consistent enough and not be able to keep up to your words, your kids will immediately sense it and the result of that will simply be the opposite.

6. Be firm and loving at the same time

Every parent loves their kids beyond imagination and give them lots of love and care. Yet as parents we need to realize that sometimes having a firm tone is also important while not compromising with the loving part. While you instruct your kids, have a firm tone that will make them follow it but at the same time show them love throughout the day.  A relation built on mutual respect is the one that works out the most.

7. Don’t forget humor

Parenting is a pretty long journey of various experiences, so make sure to incorporate a bit of humor to it. At every stage, try incorporating humor in order to build personality and a sense of humor within your kids. Humor is as important as any other factor, therefore make sure to not keep it serious every single time but to joke around here and there to make parenting into a journey that is fun and loving at the same time.

8. Being age appropriate

You might always make the mistake of considering them as kids while communication and not as an individual. Try communicating with small kids with direct and shorter messages and omit the use of fluffy words. As your child grows and reaches 3 years and above, you could also be more expressive in your language since by this age they are able to understand more words.


9. Keep a check on your feelings and judgment

Another important technique for Indian parents is to keep a constant check on their feelings. If you feel a bit stressed out or worried, try taking a break and rest for a bit before you start taking care of the child. Note that your stress level could also have your kid feel stressed therefore self-regulation is the key.

10. Positive parenting while dealing with bilingual kids

While learning multiple languages, children often require time to understand and analyze. Therefore, as parents it is necessary to have patience and little bit of extra understanding towards them. Once they gain the required maturity and right skills, they will be able to express themselves in multiple languages.

Some Final Words

These are some of the most crucial tips and techniques that should be incorporated in Indian parenting to understand the language of the kids and make this journey of parenting into a beautiful one. When you will be able to consider and understand what your kids have to express, you will find it all the more-easier to communicate your lessons and ideas to wards them.

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