Top 10 Best American Doctor Accounts on Instagram

Instagram is a popular platform that has many popular faces striving hard to showcase their professional works. Given below is a list of the best doctors’ accounts on Instagram who can be approached at any time in case you need any assistance.

  1. Ish Major

According to Dr. Ish Major “What you want exists, don’t settle until you get it.” Dr. Ish Major is a certified psychiatrist who not only gives the best relationship advice but also gives the best advice to live your life in a positive way. He is also an expert in dating, relating and mating.


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  1. Zubin Damania

Dr. Zubin Damania is a Physician and the funniest guy you will ever know. His Instagram account can be searched by anyone. His Instagram account is a proof that he loves posting memes and is a damn good meme lord. He is also the host of the ZDoggMD show.


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  1. Sandra Lee

Dr. Sandra Lee is among the best dermatologist who treats her patients in California. She posts pictures from blackheads on the skin to cysts on the skin. She also posts videos of her various patients getting different treatment of skin. She is also a part of the TODAY show and the doctors.


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  1. Lisa Long

Dr. Lisa Long is an executive coach, Psychologist, advocate, and interventionist. Her Instagram feed is filled with motivating quotes and great life advice to direct your life in the correct direction. She is also certified and accepted in the society of Accredited Gifted Evaluators.


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  1. ATL

Dr. ATL is a certified physician of the USA whose full name is Dr. Olanrewaju Ladipo. He is also specialized in cosmetic surgery who posts a picture of his patients on Instagram before and after surgery. He is also specialized in microsurgery, Liposuction, and a known BBL specialist. He also provides healthy eating tips on his Instagram account. 


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  1. Myron Rolle

Dr. Myron Rolle has completed his education in MD and MSc who is a famous neurosurgeon. He is also a Rhodes Scholar and a former NFLer. His Instagram account is filled with daily motivation. Dr. Myron Rolle has inspired today’s youth by turning into a neurologist who is also a damn good footballer.


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  1. Michelle Henry

Dr. Michelle Henry is Mount Sinai and Harvard trained Dermatologic/ Mohs Surgeon. She also treats and gives skin cancer prevention tips. Her Instagram is filled with best skincare tips which can be adapted by any skin type. She is also a member of a women’s dermatologic society whose members share daily hurdles everyone faces.


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  1. Miami

Michael Salzhauer is one of the best plastic surgeons of the USA who is even a billboard artist. With almost 1.3 million followers on Instagram, Michael Salzhauer is also a part of WeTV show & E. He is a plastic surgeon of all the Instagram models you know. His Instagram account is private, you can check and follow Here

  1. Wendy Sue Swanson, MD, MBE( Master of Bioethics)

Dr. Wendy is a pediatrician leading the way in a new age of medicine including innovations in social media. Dr. Swanson speaks about health care innovations and advocacy in healthcare. She spread awareness through her account by posting about vaccines and preventions against disease.


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  1. Andra Tooley

Dr. Andra Tooley is an ophthalmologist and works in New York as an expert of ophthalmic plastic and reconstructive surgeon. Her Instagram feed is clear proof that she is damn passionate about research in medicine.


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This was the top list of all the American doctors accounts who can be approached in case of emergency.



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