Tips to get your toddler talking

Speech is a gift that every toddler must learn to use when they become the age of 2 or 3. Parents should speak to them and make them learn new words every day. Read through the article to know more: Tips to discipline a toddler

By age 2, toddlers know 20 to 200 words, but at age 3 they know 1,000 words. Actually, it’s about how you encourage your child to chat more and more. This way he will do better at preschool and beyond.  Reading to your child is one of the ways you can start him talking to the storm.

Even though your child’s vocabulary is expanding overnight, but she needs much practice for speech Tsunami.  She learns by watching you speak, but she learns when she slowly and gradually moves her own mouth when she speaks. Try reciting poems and rhymes in front of the mirror. Put a dab of peanut butter behind child’s two front teeth and tell her that’s where her tongue should be when she speaks the letter “D” and “T”.

Build their vocabulary

Build their vocabulary by repeating yourself. For example, this car across the street is big. The ball with which you are playing is very big. But keep in mind, that some toddlers take time to learn, so be patient and go with the flow.  Also, be descriptive and explain the items to your kid. For example, This apple is round and red. And the skin of it is very smooth. Let your child describe it and don’t fill the words when your kid is unable to speak. Don’t fill; as they take time to learn a new term/new word.

Add on

When she says some word, you add on by expanding the word and roll on the conversation. If she sees a cat and says “cat”. You sa, “this is a cat”. Either you can ask, “What is the cat doing”? Don’t do baby talk, don’t say wa-wa instead of water. When you speak the same words and toddlers learn from it. You do the best thing ever. The baby talk will destroy the effect that your toddlers learn when using speech and communication.

How they understand and make the sense of the word is another side of the coin. There are symbols for objects and actions. This increases her ability to listen and her grasp of languages.  Bend down and touch your knees, pick up the ball and throw it to me, kids at this age should understand two-step direction. Hide a toy and give hints like, “look behind the blue chair”.  And if your toddler is a little bit old, and then tell her to hide the toy and give you a set of clues.


Read her a story and ask what happened in the story.  If she feels stumped then you can give hints like, why is the boy looking into the box.  The more words your toddler hears, the more she learns and uses it on a regular basis and daily life.

Replay the words and sing a song along with your toddler. Let her learn the lyrics along with the tune.  Phone it to some familiar figure like his babysitter or neighbour to let her speak. Pass the toy phone to her and learn how to gab. Plan more playdates. When there are other toddlers, she will be inspired to join them and use her conversation skills like a chatterbox. Kids learn to pronounce in slow progression. Two-year-old make consonants sounds like P, B, and M.  Most kids handle K, J, and T by age 3. But other sounds take long and trip up your child for a couple of years.  Combos like ch, sh, and the can be tough for the little toddlers. According to research, it takes some kids into elementary school years to perfect their gabbing. Pronunciation is a gift and that is learnt with the art of patience.

No screen time should be given to your toddler as they are not interactive. It’s not interactive like you and me. They can guarantee little colours and counting but not language and communication.  Use lots of melodies and facial expression. Use change in volume, sing or use your hands. As for the baby, you are the most fascinating thing ever. Be animated so that the toddler attends to you.  Also, listen to them carefully and with attention when they speak. It is the best you can give to your toddlers. As we know who’s the best listener in our circle and we give them our hearts out. So, listen to them attentively.

Language and communication is a gift that one learns to use for a lifetime. It will help your child communicate with peers and parents, so it’s better they learn as soon as possible in their toddlers’ years.


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