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Toddler Potty Training Best Tips

Potty training requires a lot of time and patience from you and cooperation and motivation from the toddler for potty training. Some kids are ready in their 18th month and some are not prepared until their 3rd birthday. Below are the tips to potty train your toddlers.

They learn by imitation
He watches how you use the bathroom and that is the first step in toddler potty training. Teaching him to call his penis by silly name like “pee-pee” then you are indirectly telling him that genitals are embarrassing. When a child sits on the potty, he should be able to lean forward with feet on the ground, when he is going through a bowel movement. Many believe that buying a child-size potty will help your toddler to feel more secure and he can claim on his own. You have to teach him there is nothing embarrassing and he should learn with time the importance of nature’s call. Look potty which is without urine guard. If you’re buying adapter seat for your toilet, then make sure it’s comfortable and attaches securely.

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Make them comfortable

The idea is to make him feel comfortable when doing potty. Start by telling that potty is his own. You can write his name on it and decorate with stickers. Also, let him try by sitting with his clothes on. Then, try the child’s pants down. If your child has a stuffed animal or doll, let them go through some motions; this way your child learns more. It is not an easy task, it takes a whole lot of patience.

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Cool underwear

Tell him he gets to choose his special underwear for potty time. Whether it’s Spiderman or Batman, animals or trains print or briefs or boxers; whatever appeals to him. Tell him there are benefits of being potty trained, and make him learns faster by motivating him.

Set up a schedule

Co-ordinate with the daycare teacher and that makes him trained altogether. Also, switch from diapers to underpants or cotton pants which make him feel he is wet right away but in that case, you have to clean some accidents. You can continue using diapers and disposable pants at night.

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Teach him to sit and then, stand
It makes sense that urine and potty come together, and tell your toddlers to sit first as he learns both goes in the potty. Avoid sitting for long like 15 minutes or more. Do not give him access to tv or screens as it proves to be a stumbling block for children and parents. Make sure he can follow a role model like his dad or uncle and watching him peeing standing and aiming the target can make him learn.


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Some naked time for your son
Set aside some nude time for your son. He is going to wet the floor, be prepared to clean the mess around. Let him sit on his potty, without pants on. If he jumps here and there, see to it. The more time your baby spends out of diapers, the faster he will learn.

Celebrate triumphs
Don’t make a big deal out of every potty trip in the first place, then, celebrate victories if he learns faster by letting him watch a new video or longer stay at the playground.
don’t make him self-conscious or nervous every time though.

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The practice is the key
If at first, he doesn’t succeed, let him try again and again. Dress your child in loose fitting clothes and buy underpants a little bit bigger. The more he will use potty, the better he will be at it. Don’t overreact or punish. Nothing can break the rhythm with a punishment. Some accidents are bound to happen. If you scold your child, then remember, there may be months of diapers ahead. And also, it is like learning a bike which means some accidents will happen. Don’t make them engrossed in activity too.

Raise the fun factor.
Drip some food coloring into the potty and let it go blue. Put favourite books in magazine rack which can be seen by your child. You can read them aloud too. Maybe he’d like to cut out shapes from toilet paper to use for target practice. Use stickers and calendars to keep track. If he stays dry for the number of days in a row, then a toy or candy can be given as a reward.

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Move to night mode

If a day plan is executed, then move tonight’s plan. Many children start staying dry in the afternoon naps after learning how to use the potty. It takes months and years for nighttime training and it takes a lot longer to stay dry at night. The body takes time to do this. 10 years old still wet their beds according to research. You can make a policy all underwear all the time when your child stays dry during nights too.

Ditch the diapers

Now, your child is ready for no more diapers. You can perform a joyful jig around the house and dance for this very triumph.

Attending to nature’s call takes time and patience, it can be learned well over time. Do not rush through it and tell your child to be cool and calm enough to handle the wet accidents. It won’t be a big deal and time just flies and your child just learn. You also prepare yourself to clean the wet accidents and it takes a lot on your part too.

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