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Tips to prepare Maternity Hospital bag

Congratulations and All the best as soon you are going to blessed with a cute little baby. Are you afraid or getting nervous by thinking of delivery? Be calm and start preparing for your delivery. This is your third trimester which is a very crucial time to do the preparation for the coming days. The very first thing to do in this trimester is to pack your Maternity hospital bag so that you don’t get panic when labor pain will start. 

There are some old wives that don’t do any type of preparation before the labor pain starts as it may harm the baby in the womb or during delivery. Do you really think that this can happen? These are just myths so ignore it. Think like smart preggies and pack all the essential stuff which you think is needed in the hospital.

Make it sure that you are prepared for both normal and c-section delivery. Pack the things by keeping both types of deliveries in mind because anything can happen at the last moment of delivery. So, get an idea that what are the necessary things you need to pack in your bag.

Things to keep in Hospital Bag for New Mummy

  • Documents: The very first thing to keep in the bag is your medical records and all the reports of nine months to check your medical history if needed. Take ID proof copies and other essential hospital documents which you think is important.
  • Dressing things: Pack the loose-fitting gowns and other maternity clothes like so many panties. If you have the old ones then pack them because they will get dirty stained by various fluids. Either choose the maternity gowns or normal gowns which have buttons in front so that you can easily breastfeed your baby.
  • Foot care things: Pack some warm socks and at least slippers so that it become to easy to get in and out. The socks will be a good option if you will feel cold in the air conditioner.
  • Cosmetic items: Pack all your essential cosmetics which you use on a daily basis like lip balm, Body lotion, oil, comb etc. 
  • Pillows: Pack the pillow in which you are comfortable to avoid irritation from hospital pillows. Don’t forget to take the breastfeeding pillow which you will require after delivery.
  • Sanitary napkins: You will need so many sanitary napkins after delivery so don’t forget to stock it in the hospital bag. 
  • Toiletries: Pack the toiletries of the brand which you use like toothpaste, washing hand and you towel etc.
  • Nursing bra: It is said that you should not wear the Bra after delivery for at least one month but doesn’t listen to this shit. Wear your comfortable Bra after delivery as it will maintain your figure. Pack the nursing bras and pads for comfortable breastfeeding.
  • Breast pads: The breast pads will help to soak up any unexpected leaking of milk.
  • Glasses or lenses: If you are habitual of wearing glasses and lenses then take it with you. Tyr to ignore lenses for sometimes and choose the glasses for eyes. Normally, the family members forget to take the glasses so you pack it in advance.
  • Mobile: Keep your phone charger in advance so that you don’t have to face the battery low problem in the hospital. Make sure to keep your mobile with you at the time of going to the hospital.
  • Hair accessories: Take some headbands and hair clips to keep your hairs maintained in the hospital.
  • Maternity pads: You will need pads after birth and be sure to pack at least an entire pack.
  • Eye mask or earplugs: These will help you sleep, particularly if your ward is noisy.

Things to keep in Hospital Bag for Newborn baby

  • Bodysuits: Pack some pairs of body clothes with you for your newborn cutie pie. Normally the hospital provides the cloths but if you want yours then carry some pairs in your hospital bag.
  • Foot warming things: As your baby has just come in the world from the womb he needs to be covered properly. They can easily get cold so cover their feet also with warm socks and booties.
  • Blanket: Carry soft hygienic blanket for babies if you don’t want to use hospital blankets.
  • Diapers: The most important and essential thing to carry for babies is the Diapers. Carry 30-40 diapers and make the choice of diapers which is specially made for newborn babies.
  • Wipes: The skin of the Newborn babies are sensitive, so it’s best to use only cotton wool balls and water
  • Outfit for going home: Choose the outfit which is weather friendly. Have a look on the weather condition and then pack the things. You can take with you both the options.
  • Muslin clothes: Muslin handkerchiefs for mopping up any You could also pack some bibs for this purpose too.
  • Cotton handmade hat: A cotton hat to protect your baby’s head on the way home and in the hospital too.

Things to avoid taking to the hospital

  • Jewellery: Avoid wearing Jewellery while going to the hospital as it can be stolen during the test and procedures.
  • Cash: Use ATM or other mode f payment instead of using so much cash in the hand.
  • Medicines: Do not carry any type of medicines with you while going toward hospital for delivery. If you ill need any Medications you will get it in the hospital.
  • Breast pump: Don’t make the hospital bag heavy by keeping breast pump in it as it will be provided you by the hospital.

Try to pack your bag as soon as the ninth month starts. Don’t panic and be ready to have fun with your baby. Your anxiety and excitement are going to over soon now. 

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